Why You Should Stop Listening to Your Customers

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Regardless of what industry or type of business you’re in or the type of business you run, listening to your customer is inevitable. Customers or clients will poke holes in your current services or products. They can tell you their biggest pain points, needs, and ways to improve. However, customers aren’t always forward thinking when it comes to the growth of your business. That’s your job.

Customer feedback can cause you to get stuck in an endless cycle that impedes your growth. If your business is stuck in its current position, consider when and how you use your customer’s opinion. It’s helpful to move forward if you’re looking to:

  • Grow and expand your current offerings.
  • Innovate with a new concept or idea.
  • Shock your customer base with the unexpected.
  • Challenge the norm and disrupt an industry.

Check out the infographic by Valpak below for company scenarios and tips on when not to listen to your customer, along with customer types you’ll face along the way.