Why Managers Should Be More Mindful Of Their Employees – JP George

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Managers have a difficult job. Not only do they have to do their own work, but they have to motivate others to do their jobs as well. This responsibility can often be very demanding and cause stress in managers. Sometimes this stress, along with other factors, can cause managers to be less mindful of their employees than they should be. This is an understandable yet regrettable event that occurs. The question then becomes on how managers can become more mindful of their employees and why they should be in the first place.

The first question that arises is why. Why should managers be more mindful of their employees? There are several answers to this question. The first is that it helps motivate the workers. An employee will most likely not feel very motivated to work for a company if their boss constantly asks them to work more inconvenient hours or does not respect them as a person or for the work they have done. These types of attitudes are often easy to fall into unintentionally as a manager. It is easy to assume that an employee knows that they are an appreciated member of a company. Sometimes, though, it is important to let workers know that they are appreciated. Events like an employee recognition awards ceremony can go a long way in letting employees know that they are appreciated.

By having an awards ceremony or something similar to it, employees’ good work will most likely increase. Everyone likes to know that they are an important part of something larger than themselves, and everyone likes to be recognized for the role that they play.

The second reason why managers should be more mindful of their employees is that if people are well treated and feel that they are appreciated, workers will most likely stay at their position longer. This is especially important if you are manager at a company where there is a high turnover rate. Turnover can be due to several factors beyond the control of a manager. However, as a manager you can strive to help employees feel appreciated. Not only will this most likely increase the amount of good work that employees will produce, but it also may have an effect on the length of their employment in the company. Workers that feel appreciated will most likely be more willing to stay at their current employment than workers who do not feel appreciated.

While making employees feel appreciated is certainly a great way to ensure good work and lasting employment, there are other ways to ensure these as well. One such way is by making sure that employees understand the bigger picture and objective of the company. One way to do this, as described by former Navy S.E.A.L. officer Jocko Willink in an interview with Forbes, is to include your workers in planning and development meetings. By getting workers involved at the planning stage, you may be able to keep them motivated throughout the course of the mission, because in some ways they feel like they helped develop it, and thus have stake in it. This strategy is most practical for smaller groups, but can be implemented on a larger scale.

It can be easy as a manager to sometimes be less mindful of employees. However, understanding why managers should be mindful of their workers, along with some of the basic ideas given here of how to do it, can help managers be more mindful, and in the long run be more successful.