Turning Objectives into Results – Külli Koort

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Turning Objectives into ResultsI enjoyed reading this new eBook on Team Collaboration, by Külli Koort of weekdone.

Turning Objectives into Results

No matter what kind of leadership style you practice or which country you practice it in, there are common challenges managers face across the globe. One of them is closely related to efficient team management. Or to be more precise, leading the team towards results. Leadership and management are a mix of art and science. On one hand, gut feeling and experience are important. On the other hand, good tools and organized processes provide a great base for building successful teams.

How do you align your team to work as one towards the goals? To start, you need well-established processes that inspire action. You need techniques that simplify your work – and one way to do it is to learn from the best.

Learn from companies like Google, LinkedIn and Skype. That’s exactly what you’ll find in the eBook. From setting clear objectives, to making sure you have regular feedback mechanism, you’ll find the best practices these companies use in managing their teams.

The eBook aims to give practical, actionable advice that will teach your team to achieve more by doing less. For leaders, it will give smarter methods for quickly knowing what is happening in the team.

Here’s the link to the ebook download: https://weekdone.com/ebook/turning-objectives-into-results