Top Team Building Games

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From cityHUNT- 74 team-building games

Everyone knows that a strong company consists of strong team members who can work together towards a common goal. This goal cannot be achieved without the employees working hard to support each other and having each other’s back when needed. However, you cannot expect to put a group of random people together in a room and expect them all to get along immediately and work together efficiently. How can people be expected to come up with innovative ideas if they aren’t connected to their fellow employees for support? Studies have shown that the number one thing that people enjoy about their job is their fellow employees. This is why team-building games are so important and necessary for great success!

Why are team building games important?

Effective team building games are not only fun, but they also build trust, encourage communication, mediate conflict and increase employee engagement. All of this is crucial for effective company culture. The most effective and memorable team building games are those that take you out of the redundancy of a day at the office. Spending time together playing a fun game to get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses will only increase productivity in the long run while bonding and creating relationships.

Who are team building games for?

Team building games can benefit anyone from big corporate companies to groups of friends to volunteers to families. Corporations use team building all the time to facilitate collaboration and encourage out of the box thinking. These traits will, in turn, increase employee engagement, morale and overall happiness. A team building game would be a perfect ice breaker for a group of volunteers who might not know each other well but all have the same goal in mind. Distant family members or groups of friends would also benefit greatly from a team building game to bond and develop stronger relationships.

Team Building Games

1. The Perfect Square

Rules: Have participants stand in a circle holding a piece of the rope. Then instruct everyone to put on a blindfold and set the rope on the floor. Ask everyone take a short walk away from the circle. Next, ask everyone to come back and try to form a square with the rope without removing their blindfolds. To make it more competitive, ask some members to remain silent.

Objective: Improves communication and leadership skills. By instructing some team members to be silent, this game also requires an element of trust across the team, allowing team members to guide each other in the right direction.

Time: 15 – 30 minutes

Number of Participants: 5 – 20 people

Tools Needed: Long piece of rope tied together and a blindfold for each person


2. Purpose Mingle

Rules: Before a meeting, have each team member walk around and share what they hope to contribute to the meeting with as many people as possible. Give a prize to the individual who shares with the most people, and another for the individual who successfully contributes what they shared.

Objective: Improves productivity and causes people to think about how they’re going to contribute, rather than just focus on what they hope to get out of the meeting.

Time: 1 – 2 minutes

Number of Participants: Any

Tools Needed: None


3. Winner/Loser

Rules: Partner A shares with Partner B a negative experience that happened to them. It can be any type of memory, but it must be true. Then Partner A discusses the same experience again but focuses only on the positive aspects. Partner B helps to see the bright side of the negative experience. Afterward, they switch roles.

Objective: Participants learn how to redirect negative situations into learning experiences together.

Time: 5-6 minutes

Number of Participants: Two or more people

Tools Needed: None


4. Scavenger Hunt

Rules: Make a list of funny tasks for each team to do as a group. Tasks could be anything from taking a selfie with a stranger, finding a certain hidden object in the office. Give the list to each team, along with a timeline by which they must complete all tasks. Whoever completes the most tasks the quickest, wins!

Objective: Fun team bonding exercise that helps groups bond by encouraging people to work with colleagues from other teams, departments, or circles that they don’t normally.

Time: > 1 hour

Number of Participants: Two or more small groups

Tools Needed: Pen and Paper


5. Human Knot

Rules: Have everyone stand in a circle facing each other, shoulder to shoulder. Tell everyone to put their right hand out and grab a random hand of someone across from them. Then, tell them to put their left hand out and grab another random hand from a different person across the circle. Within a set time limit, the group needs to untangle the knot of arms without releasing their hands. With a very large group, create multiple smaller circles and have each group compete against each other.

Objective: This game for team building creates good communication and teamwork.

Time: 15 – 30 minutes

Number of Participants: 8 – 20 people

Tools Needed: None


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