Tips to Find and Hire the Right Professionals – Dennis W Hung

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Hiring the right professional is probably one of the critical decisions small enterprises have to make. Nothing is costly than making a mistake when hiring new employees. While errors are unavoidable, proper planning and understanding your company’s needs can make your hiring process seamless. Hiring the right professionals is a critical and inevitable component of every company. The hiring process is more complicated than just conducting interviews and reviewing the resume of applicants. Mistakes such as lack of communication and poorly crafted job descriptions often deter candidates. Here are a few steps to make your hiring process seamless and encourage only top talent to apply for a job.

Job Description

You need to create a job description that defines the required experience and skills, responsibilities, and duties of the position. Remember you are competing with other companies with more resources than you. As such, you need to make your job description as attractive as possible to attract top talents whose focus go beyond just the paycheck. Your job description should explain how the position will challenge applicants and enable them to grow.

Set a Realistic Employee Search Timetable

A pending project or an upcoming initiative might pressure you to make a quick hiring decision. However, you could delegate more tasks to your existing employees to avoid making ill-informed hiring decisions. Alternatively, you could hire an independent or temporary contractor until you find the right professional.

Review Your Compensation Program

Reviewing your prevailing wage rates help in structuring a compensation plan. Contact local organizations such as employment bureaus or chamber of commerce for advice on salary and benefits. You can check out the employee benefits guide to know which benefits are required by the law and the ones that are not a legal requirement.

Embrace Social Media and Digital Trends

Today’s generation wants to work for a company that is current with the latest tech trends. For example, you could use digital social networking platforms or an application tracking system to searchcandidates. In fact, social media platforms such as Facebook provides more details about the candidate you are about to bring to your workforce. While it’s legally wrong to use social media insights to make hiring decisions, it helps to understand the personality of a candidate you are about to hire.

Build a Strong Employer Reputation

Research has shown that 75% of professionals aren’t satisfied with their jobs and are open to new opportunities. As such, an excellent employer reputation not only helps you attract these passive candidates but increases employee retention by 28 percent. Top talents are likely to work for a company that updates its profile often, shares updates on its work environment and culture, and respond to reviews. A well-established employer reputation will make your hiring process seamless. Your company will also become highly desired and flooded with applications.

Match the Job with the Personality

Skills seem like the most critical factor in determining whether or not a candidate’s personality fit a job. However, employers often forget that skills are acquired whereas a character cannot. Employers should strive to align the trait of a candidate with their roles. For example, a personality such as empathy is much more critical for social workers and nurses than for computer programmers and engineers. Your organizational culture and your job description determine the kind of person you hire.

Respond to Reviews

Job applicants often seek insider information about a company before they apply for a job. They want to see reviews from former and current employees, salary estimates, and interview tips. Most employees often review a company’s profile before they even apply for a job or contact the hiring manager. Top talents will probably not work for a company with a bad reputation. Posting relevant information on social networking platforms and being active on review sites can help draw in top talents. It may be time to polish up your company’s culture if you have a lot of negative customer reviews. That will lead to more positive reviews and reduced employee turnover.