These Tech Trends will dominate Business in 2019 – Diana Smith

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Modern businesses are very much dependent on the technology trends because they can help cut costs on infrastructure and sometimes even on labor. This is going to continue to be the case this year and small companies in particular need to be on the lookout for trend developments that can be used to stay competitive against large corporations.

Have in mind that this doesn’t mean a company that can afford the latest gadgets always stays lucrative. In fact, there’s nothing that can replace having a good product and a devoted customer service.

Remote work

The advances in communication tech allow everyone to work from home. The companies can track the work of their employees all over the world and have all the infrastructure of a traditional office without the expenses of it. There are also savings in the outsourcing process itself.

Have in mind that running virtual offices still requires managers and assistants. They need to have all the same skills that the traditional managers have in order to manage the personal relations that will still come into play even when the employees are miles apart.

Customer data

The most important asset a business can have is the data its customers leave online. With the right information, you can target the customers with more precision and fewer expenses. Gathering and accessing the data will be the infrastructure of any marketing campaign that can actually reach the consumer.

The main concern regarding the information you collect from the users will be how upfront you need to be about the fact that you’re gathering it in the first place. You need to establish the trust between you and the customers if you want the data to be useful. And consider the implications of the EU GDPR.

Security concerns

Many like to discuss security concerns as they relate to online security and the safety of the data companies compile. However, securing the actual physical office is still as imperative as it ever was. For a small business, the most important thing to worry about is who can get access to the office and the parts of it in which you keep important information or money.

Experts such as the ones from JD Security provide access control software that allows you to monitor and control who has access to your business remotely. This helps save money on physical security and buys you peace of mind.

Going mobile

Almost everyone has more than one mobile device and they are used for anything the traditional computers used to be used for. This provides a variety of new opportunities for the companies looking for new ways to advertise.

Retail companies especially can take advantage of using mobile devices to target the customers based on where they are. Letting people know about your offers when they are near the store is probably the most effective way of advertising with a goal of getting new customers through the door.

Wearable devices

Wearable devices have been around for years, but they haven’t really found their way to commercial use beyond fitness. However, sophisticated wearable devices can help a lot when your employees are monitored remotely and you still want to prevent shrinkage and have a tighter managerial control.

Having each employee wear a device around their wrist also helps a lot with the safety issues. This is a great concern with construction businesses that need to spend a lot on insurance. These devices will let you stay on top of your employees’ activity while they are performing a risky task and help you stay on top of emergency situations.

These tech trends will affect companies of all shapes and sizes. For smaller businesses they may mean a chance to compete against those with more resources.