The Power of Online Content to Keep Your Visitors Interested – David Webb

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While your strong leadership may be the backbone of your brand’s success, the content that represents you online is the substance that makes it stand out. It’s the very face and voice of your brand, and thus the main reason for someone to either get instantly drawn to your online presence, or move on to something more powerful. People no longer have the time or the patience for mediocre blogs, stock photos that convey no emotions, or fluff in any other shape or form.

It should be a part of every brand’s promise to continuously deliver value through all the various types of content, so that your audience knows they are not wasting their time. Not every word or image should be created with the aim to sell, but with the goal to connect on a more personal, meaningful level with your audience. That is when they decide whether or not you are worthy of their attention, money, and above else, their loyalty.

Diversity inspires curiosity

Even the most avid readers in your audience will sooner or later start craving for something new and exciting. Much like in any relationship, you need to keep the spark alive through exciting, novel experiences, without compromising your brand identity. In this multimedia world of ours, the premise that words are the only way to convey your brand’s essence has been surpassed many times over. This is the era of gifs, memes, video, and imagery that goes together with your storytelling.

The sheer fact that your written content which is accompanied with images can have 94% more views – and the quality of these visuals will speak volumes of the quality of your article content, too. Research also shows that video content will represent the vast majority of all online content, making it a preferred form of expression for businesses who wish to get their customers enthralled.

What is worth a thousand words?

This old little saying easily encompasses everything that the modern consumer wants today – spending less time to understand something, while also enjoying the experience. Images, and more importantly, authentic, quality images that depict the purpose of your brand and go well with the rest of your online presence are storytelling condensed into a blink of an eye. They need to be powerful to elicit an emotional reaction, and to instantly earn your audience’s attention.

Just as you spend hours of your time making sure that every word fits your brand, you should devote an equal amount of effort to find suitable images. After all, they might end up defining the impression you leave on the visitor.

Design for engagement

Would you waste your time and allow yourself to get annoyed while looking for a particular piece of content on an impossibly complicated site? What are the chances of someone equally busy waiting for a page to load only to be greeted by an irritating slew of popups? In addition to quality content that sets you apart, the way in which you present it matters in the eyes of your audience.

In the Australian market, for instance, powerful web design in Sydney and other business hotspots has become a staple of branding as much as every other aspect of your content strategy. A website that is created according to the latest standards and exceeds the expectations of your audience seamlessly puts the right content in front of your readers and makes it easy to share through social media.

Bring out your inner wordsmith

No matter how much the world turns to a visually-dominant place, nothing will ever be able to replace the impact of storytelling. Now more than ever, value-based, educational content that reflects your brand’s identity with every word is crucial in establishing relationships with your audience.

Even though the focus both for Google and readers is on articles that are in the realm of 2,000 words and more, even the taglines, slogans, and product descriptions all matter in the grand scheme of things. The length and quality of your blogs is not the only SEO factor, but still, it’s a crucial one that builds your reputation as well as your visibility in search engines. Build your brand language one piece of writing at a time in order to become a leading authority in your niche – and sales will come as a natural consequence of your brand’s market position.

Omnipresent and consistent

Last, but certainly not the least relevant in terms of your content strategy, remember that your brand is only as recognizable as every one of its online representations. Whether it’s just another Facebook post, a blog, or an infographic diligently created by your own marketers, they all should have that recognizable, relatable undertone that is your brand voice. From the font and colors you use, all the way to the timing of your posts, what you create is just one piece of your content puzzle.

Make sure that you time your posts well, find the best outlets for your content, and stick to the recipe that has a successful track record for your brand. That way, you’ll earn the trust of your audience, establish your authority, and build your customer base one “hooked” visitor at a time.