The Out-of-the-Box Survival Ideas For New Age Entrepreneurs – Helen Cartwright

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Enduring Ideas for New Entrepreneurial Survival

The new age entrepreneur faces myriad challenges in a fast-paced and highly competitive business world. If you carefully look at the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the modern business environment you will realize that it is not too different from challenges faced by businesses through the ages. The only change is that resources available to face these challenges are different today.

Cash Flow

New entrepreneurs need sufficient cash flow to run their new business. They cannot wait for the checks of customers to arrive. They need to meet a range of immediate expenses. The age-old ideas to survive the cash flow problem is to make a careful budget, ask for down payments and ask for quick payments of invoices.


New entrepreneurs require sufficient capital to survive in today’s business world. They find capital through bank loans and loans from family or friends. While you can find capital from different sources, the traditional method of starting small with few customers and giving them the best possible service will help to stretch your capital and help you survive in this intensely competitive business world. The enduring method of creating systems and strategies to improve the quality of the product or service is another secret of entrepreneurial survival.


New age entrepreneurs have budgetary problems like entrepreneurs through the ages. The enduring method of making smart budgets is to keep a keen eye on where every dollar goes. You must make sure that the marketing efforts for your products and services are working. Free up funds by giving up some areas and utilize the funds for something that is productive and profitable. Keep an eye on every expense and make sure that you invest or spend on things that are extremely important for your business.


You protect your life, health, car and home by getting the appropriate insurance coverage. Many new entrepreneurs forget that they can get their business covered by insurance against any unexpected problem. Business insurance covers personal injury caused to third parties including damages to their property, damage to business products, theft of money kept in the premises and damage of theft of tools used in the course of your business. Companies offering business liability insurance offer flexible liability limits that suit new age entrepreneurs.


An enduring method of entrepreneurial survival is making an effective and flexible plan. The plan should incorporate your goals, the resources that you require to achieve these goals, the method you want to use to achieve your goals, the time frame, the budget allocated to achieve goals and possible problems and the methods you plan to use to overcome them. 


Getting the best employees on board is a challenge faced by employers through the ages. The solution to this problem is a time-tested one. Put an ad with specific terms as to what qualifications you are looking for in an employee and the type of work that the employee is expected to do, find out the experience, expectations and goals of the prospective employee, treat the employee as a potential partner rather than a worker and check if the potential employee has impressive references. Make sure that you can meet the expectations of the prospective employee before hiring.



If you find getting good employees difficult you can consider delegating work by outsourcing. Outsourcing is a brilliant business survival tool that has stood the test of time. When you look for employees you need to be specific about your requirements. In the same manner, when you look for agencies or companies to outsource, you need to tell them exactly what you want from them. This will make it easy for your new age business to survive corporate upheavals. Outsourcing will help you save time and effort in doing tasks in addition to your core competency.

Having Fun

To survive in today’s fast-paced business world, you need to give employees space and encourage them to have fun on the job. This is a proven method to ensure productivity that has stood the test of time. An employee who enjoys the job is a productive employee. Encourage a team spirit among employees and help them interact with you and others to evolve new and innovative ideas. Encourage employees to make decisions and find solutions to help the business grow as a team.


Time flies in the business world and a new age entrepreneur will constantly feel that more time is needed to accomplish goals. An enduring method to find time is to manage time. Making a list of goals and the time required to achieve them is a proven method of managing time. Each goal can have a time frame. You can have a list of daily goals, weekly goals and annual goals. This method will make the daunting task of achieving goals more systematic. You can rethink and redo the list to fit your unique requirements. Making the best use of each business hour is one of the best survival methods for new entrepreneurs. 

Sales and Marketing

Two challenges facing a new age entrepreneur are finding a product or service to sell and marketing the product or service effectively. Outsourcing both tasks will save you both time and effort. You can find freelance market researchers to find a profitable niche product or service that customers want. You can also outsource marketing to experts who will devise a suitable marketing strategy to suit your specific requirements and your marketing budget.


Staying ahead of the competition is the most important part of entrepreneurial survival through the ages. You need to constantly stay in touch with the needs of customers and make sure they get the best products or services. You may need to make investments in new technology and keep up with the latest research to ensure that your customers are satisfied.

Despite changes in the way business is done through the ages, many entrepreneurial survival methods have remained the same and are applicable even today.