The Future of Remote Working: Which Countries Are Leading the Way?

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Giving your workforce more freedom to shape their working day is fast becoming the norm, rather than an anomaly. Top talent see it as a hugely attractive perk, and businesses who offer no flexibility run the risk of falling behind. It’s the future way of working, but to implement it successfully, employees have to be able to stay connected so they can take their work with them wherever they go.

New research from Communication providers Plusnet set out to determine which countries are currently leading the way when it comes to remote working and staying connected with the office on the go. Their study compared the 20 most populous EU countries across a range of different factors, to determine which country currently has the most to offer employees looking to work remotely.

Each country was subject to a range of factors: the percentage of people currently in remote work, the number of Wi-Fi hotspots, happiness index score, and seven other factors that affect remote working. A percentile score for each helped Plusnet create a top ten ranking of the countries that make the best fit for digital nomads. You can find the top five nations below:

  1. Netherlands: 682

The highest number of people in remote work (13.7%) and the highest EU Commission Transport Score (1.0) means the Netherlands is the number one place for digital nomads. The Dutch scored highly across all factors, ranking third for the number of Wi-Fi hot spots, number of coffee shops, and Happiness Index.

  1. Germany: 651

Germany is also front lining the move towards remote working, making a great location for digital nomads. It has the most Wi-Fi hotspots, making it easy to stay connected on-the-go, and also ranked highly for co-working spaces (3rd) and EU Commission Transport score (3rd).

  1. Spain: 619

A high number of co-working spaces (1st) and well-priced coffee (4th) means Spain is the third best country for remote workers.

  1. United Kingdom: 598

The UK also makes a good place for people looking for remote work across Europe. Second place for the number of co-working spaces, on top of a good Internet Security score (8th), means you don’t have to travel far to find a suitable place to work safely outside the office.

  1. Poland: 580

Leading the way in Eastern Europe, remote working in Poland will save you on a lot of your expenses, scoring highly for Cost of Living (3rd) and Rent Index score (5th).  Despite the cheap coffee, poor transport score and overall citizen happiness prevent Poland from rising any higher than fifth.

With the growing pressure on employers to introduce more flexible working hours, and how easy it’s becoming to stay connected with the office while on the go, it’s likely remote working will become increasingly popular. If you’re currently remote working or it’s something you are considering for the future, then each of the countries in the top ten would make a worthy choice.

See the full list, here