Some Real Ideas for How to Boost Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement has become a major focus for employers all around the world. But why? Well, it turns out engaged employees work harder and are more productive. This is because they feel more appreciated for what they do, and also more connected to the companies that employ them.

However, while many company executives understand employee engagement is an important issue, many still struggle to engage their employees. In fact, in the UK., only around one-third of workers feel they are engaged at work, which means productivity is being left on the table.

Part of the reason this is the case is because many managers are not quite sure how to boost engagement. There is a lot of high-level talk out there about engagement, but this just makes improving it seem that much more challenging. There’s nothing we can really grab hold of. Yet you’d be surprised at how many different methods you can use to improve employee engagement, and also at how simple many of them are to implement.

To get you thinking and heading in the right direction, Digital Exits is offering 21 employee engagement ideas that can have a big impact on how your employees feel about the work they do. Check out the list to see what you can do in your company to drive engagement, productivity, and growth.