Quick-start Workout Guide For The Leaders of Tomorrow – Helen Cartwright

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Are you a great business person or an executive person in your company? Do you desire to balance your success at work to achieve your desired body shape? Almost every successful person in the business world desire that their muscles can match their smart brains. The only problem is that most of them, either do not get time to focus on fitness and healthy lifestyle or are ever too tired even to remember these things.

The good news is that it is possible to maximize muscle building and live a healthy life while building your business to greater heights successfully. After all, it helps you think better because after committing to your workout schedule your mind will always feel relaxed and fresh to process new ideas and solutions for your business.

Again, attaining your dream shape will boost your confidence too. Well, since you most probably know the benefits of working out, here is an ultimate guide for you to start working out despite having busy schedules.

Set Realistic Fitness Goals

It has been said that if you fail to plan, you are then planning to fail and this applies to everything. Planning involves setting goals that you know that if you commit considerable time and effort, it is possible to achieve them. In this case, set your fitness goals and then start working towards achieving them. For a start, do not set long hours for a workout because you might get frustrated when you start skipping most of your workout schedules.

Use Workout Supplements

These workout supplements, also known as ergogenic aids will enhance your workout performance by increasing your energy and improve your recovery after a workout. They may come in the form of pills, powders or liquids and you can find them in vitamin shops, fitness stores, warehouse chains, gyms, and healthy food grocery stores. For instance, if you are that CEO who wants to build muscles try a bcaa and eaa supplement, and it will help you enhance your ability to pack those muscles after working out. However, supplements should only be used to boost your working out efforts and help you achieve your fitness goals faster but not to replace your healthy diet because you must eat healthily.

Set A Morning Fitness Routine

Almost everyone has a morning routine regardless of the time you wake up or how busy you are every day. If you are a great leader who wakes up at 3, 4, 5 or 6 am, wake up earlier by 30 minutes for a workout or if you can still fix your 30 minutes within the usual time you wake up, use those minutes to exercise. The good thing is that most executives tend to wake up very early, and as long you set a goal; it is possible to commit to this morning workout routine.

Walk More

You must have heard of great people who do a lot of walking during their busy days to keep fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs have been known to have ‘walking meetings,’ and it became a norm in their life. You do not have to have a fixed time for walking but choose some of the activities that you can do while walking such as when negotiating a deal with a client on the phone or when you are away from family, and you want to say hi to everyone on the phone. Also, choose to walk when you have some free time you didn’t expect such as when the client cancels an appointment the last minute yet you do not have an urgent task.

Eat Healthily

Most gym instructors and nutritionists will tell you that eating healthy takes the biggest percentage in helping you to attain your dream body shape. Therefore, the purpose of eating healthy always whether you are in the office, on a business trip or even at home. As a busy executive, you should start by making sure you buy enough stocks of food with the right nutrition. Learn quick recipes that will allow you to make a healthy meal even when you come home late after a busy or tiresome day.

If you master this well, you will avoid going for a quick pizza and those unhealthy snacks that many people go for when they do not have time to cook or are too tired to cook. Finally, when going on business trips especially those executives who travel a lot, choose a healthy hotel. A healthy hotel is one that has an option for healthy menus and a gym.

Try Competitive And Nature Sports

Most successful entrepreneurs are members of golf clubs, and it’s a sport that is not only good for business but will also help with your fitness goals. Again, being a competitive sport, it will stimulate your competitive spirit as a leader. Also during your days off, try outdoor activities such as rock climbing, running on trails, paddle surfing, and mountain biking among others. Whatever, the activity you do, it will help you reach your fitness goals because they will encourage you to be more involved in physical exercises.

Everyone who wants to become fit and achieve that perfect body, whether a leader or not should start by saying no to excuses. Also, do not despise any effort even if it’s small. You can start by doing ten squats a day, five press ups, few miles walk or any activity, and with time you will realize how flexible your body can be. Follow these tips and congratulations in advance because if your brain could do it, your muscles can do it too.