Qualities Employees Enjoy in Their Company – Dennis Hung

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There’s something to be said about working to make a living for yourself. So many people wake up early in the morning, sit through traffic and work full days at jobs as devoted employees. The average worker spends the majority of their adult life working. If a person is going to spend most of their life working as an employee, it should be for a company they enjoy. If you’re blessed to be in the position as an employer, there are a few qualities you’ll want to make sure your company offers the right employees.

1. Integrity

No, integrity is not a hard skill. It’s not demonstrated by a series of passed tests or high marks in a classroom. Integrity is a ‘soft’ issue, but it’s actually one that can keep a company running strong. Employees like to know that their leaders have integrity. When leaders handle bad deals and get into legal trouble, this leads to a potential downfall of a company. In order to maintain the trust of amazing employees, always operate with a high level of integrity.

2. Flexibility

When people understand and feel like their company leaders care about them, they are more likely to serve in a way that goes above and beyond the company expectations. Flexibility shows up in the company culture in a few ways. Flexibility is demonstrated by allowing a team member to efficiently work from home when their child is sick with the flu. A flexible policy doesn’t dictate the specifics of a person completing their job as long as it’s finished. Flexibility must be exercised with discretion and within reason. If it’s abused, it can be revoked. However, the right employees will value flexibility within the workplace.

3. Growth (Upward Movement)

If an employee is going to work at a company for a considerable number of years, it’s going to feel pretty stale if they’re in the same position. Any employee that’s worth hiring wants to know they can experience promotions and upward movement. Create incentives and various opportunities for the employees to improve and rise to the challenges ahead. You don’t want to facilitate an environment that’s stagnant. That’s one of the easiest ways to lose employees and ensure a high turnover rate within the company. As you attract new business to the company, the needs and expectations of the company will change.

4. Professional Development

When a company is committed to the professional development of its employees, there are plenty of opportunities for the company to thrive based on the newfound skills of its workers. The best way to work on ensuring the development of the employees is through education. Conferences, seminars and advanced educational programs are worth investing in so that the employees can thrive in the workplace. This will also make sure they remain forward-thinking ambassadors on the cutting edge of new advancements in the field.

5. Benefits

In addition to having a great salary, most employees want to have access to excellent benefits. Benefits such as healthcare, dental care and paid time off are really helpful to employees who are also heads of their households. As the leader of a company, it might seem a bit intimidating to manage employees, salaries and their benefits. However, there are systems and protocols you can put in place to manage it all. Vacation tracking is a streamlined way to manage the paid time off for all the employees and make it easier to understand the available hours left.

6. Stability

When most women get married to a suitor they choose, one of the determining factors is stability. A woman doesn’t want to be involved with a man who’s unstable. The same applies to an employee in the workplace. Any employer would be hard-pressed to find an employee who longs to stay committed to a company that’s a sinking ship. Streamline company processes and make sure that systems are in place to ensure the foundation of the company.

A successful team is made up of successful team members. If you want to attract the brightest and most efficient employees to your company’s roster, be sure to develop a company culture that includes these six qualities. It’ll help you gain and keep high-quality employees.