Playing with a Full Deck – Free downloadable book by Tom Vanderbeck, Part 4

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JokerFor those of you that enjoyed Parts 1 and 2 of Tom’s new book, here is the free download of Part 4 of PLAYING the Game of Life WITH A FULL DECK
A Primer on Compassionate, Proactive Self Leadership and Personal Accountability … for conversations at the kitchen table

What have you enjoyed about Tom’s work? What do you agree (or disagree) with?

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Here’s an extract I like, which offers a little more on Tom’s approach:

“Many of us have not been aware of two essential components of human consciousness, the Negative Automatic Program, or ‘NAP’, and Spiritual Amnesia. This doubly unfortunate lack of awareness severely limits our experiences of awakening our personal potentials. I call this way of being ‘Not Playing with a Full Deck’. The truth is we were all dealt a full deck of cards for playing the game of life. However, none of us were made aware of the Two Jokers, the NAP and Spiritual Amnesia. When we feel confused, frustrated, and unfulfilled; and conclude that we have not been ‘Playing With A Full Deck’; the problem has not been too few cards, but two too many.”



“If you find a dent in the side of your car, you may experience some stress. “That dent shouldn’t be there!” Sometimes we just don’t notice the dents in our lives, although it is so easy to see all the dents in someone else’s car, and even the really tiny imperfections in someone else’s life.

Fine. So there ARE some dents in your life. Only you can be proactive and accountable for fixing them. “Trying” is simply a euphemism we abuse for abdicating accountability, and excusing ourselves when we did not really intend to fulfill what we promised to ourselves or others to do in the first place.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Playing with a Full Deck – Part 4

As already announced, this free download is part of a series of seven instalments of Playing with a Full Deck:

  1. Foreword by Ken Blanchard, and Chapter One:  The Quest to Find Myself
  2. Chapter Two:  The Negative Automatic Program
  3. Chapter Three:  Spiritual Amnesia
  4. Chapter Four:  Transcending the NAP
  5. Chapter Five:  Response-Ability
  6. Chapter Six:  Recovery from Spiritual Amnesia
  7. Chapter Seven:  Self Actualization

Already released: The Foreword and Part 1.

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