Playing with a Full Deck – Free downloadable book by Tom Vanderbeck, Part 1

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Illustration 1In an email to me, one of our contributors, Tom Vanderbeck, put forth the notion that “One can effectively lead and empower others only to the extent that one can demonstrate compassion, mastery, and accountability for self-leadership.”

I found this perspective intriguing and asked him to expand on this perception. He responded by sending me his book on that topic.

I found Tom’s message and approach both timely and practical, so I asked him if I could share his insights with our readers. He said “yes”. We are therefore very pleased to be able to offer Tom’s new book, serialised in free, downloadable parts.

A Primer on Compassionate, Proactive Self Leadership and Personal Accountability … for conversations at the kitchen table

Clearly, others were also impressed by Tom’s work.

The FOREWORD was written by Ken Blanchard (“The One Minute Manager”® & “Leading at a Higher Level”). Here’s an excerpt from Ken’s Foreword:

“Tom offers a unique perspective on self leadership and encouragement for realizing our potentials to create a life of growth, purpose, contribution, sharing, and fulfillment. He will teach you how to transcend “Spiritual Amnesia” and the “Negative Automatic Program” and will offer you practical and proactive skills for personal power.”

One of Tom’s former graduate students, Olivier Hendriks, (M.Sc. Psychologist, The Netherlands) writes:

“Full Deck is profoundly important, full of insights, and entertaining to read. Tom, you really stirred up my life on the academic, professional, and personal levels. This is a wonderful book!”

Here’s an extract I like which offers a little more on Tom’s approach:

“Many of us have not been aware of two essential components of human consciousness, the Negative Automatic Program, or ‘NAP’, and Spiritual Amnesia. This doubly unfortunate lack of awareness severely limits our experiences of awakening our personal potentials. I call this way of being ‘Not Playing with a Full Deck’. The truth is we were all dealt a full deck of cards for playing the game of life. However, none of us were made aware of the Two Jokers, the NAP and Spiritual Amnesia. When we feel confused, frustrated, and unfulfilled; and conclude that we have not been ‘Playing With A Full Deck’; the problem has not been too few cards, but two too many.”

The Leader-Values community is already very familiar with some of Tom’s practical and well-researched contributions. For example, ‘Business Leadership for Industry‘, ‘Ed Norton Contractor Case Study; and ‘A Simple Bright White Belt .

You can now look forward to free downloading and reading of a series of seven instalments of Playing with a Full Deck:

  1. Foreword by Ken Blanchard, and Chapter One:  The Quest to Find Myself
  2. Chapter Two:  The Negative Automatic Program
  3. Chapter Three:  Spiritual Amnesia
  4. Chapter Four:  Transcending the NAP
  5. Chapter Five:  Response-Ability
  6. Chapter Six:  Recovery from Spiritual Amnesia
  7. Chapter Seven:  Self Actualization

To get started, here’s the Foreword and Part 1. Other will follow in the next days. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD HERE: Playing with a Full Deck – Introduction & Foreword

DOWNLOAD HERE: Playing with a Full Deck – Chapter 1

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