Politics and Trust

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The UK election campaign and “trust”… here’s a little item from the UK General Election campaign, as reported in the Economist.

“There is a problem in focusing on the issue of personal trust in the prime minister. According to a YouGov poll for Sky News, 62% say they do not trust Mr Blair. But 66% say they do not trust Mr Howard. That makes turning the election into a referendum on Mr Blair and his slipperiness difficult.”

Now, what is trust – isn’t it a positive rather than a lack of negatives?

Frank Barrett – Jazz Improvisation

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I was lucky enough to share a glass of wine with Frank last week, although unlucky to miss his performance (you may know he is a professional jazz musician as well as an AI / Organizational expert). In “Creativity and Improvisation in Jazz and Organizations: Implications for Organizational Learning,” a 1998 article, he notes that the following features of jazz improv are helpful to us org design mortals …

  • Interrupt habits
  • Embrace errors as a source of learning
  • Allow maximum flexibility through minimal structures
  • Continually negotiate toward dynamic synchronicity
  • Rely on retrospective sense making
  • Be a member of a Community of Practice
  • Alternate between soloing and supporting

Now, I know how to interrupt, and I have to face a lot of my own (and other people’s errors). But it seems to me that “alternating between soloing and supporting” may be the real magic. And being a “member of a community of practice” is a pretty close second. Check out Etienne Wenger….

Perhaps that is why Frank and I talked also about the legendary Cream (who are briefly reuniting at the Albert Hall next week – and we failed to get tickets!). Can you remember the 60’s?