Seth Godin – Nouns and verbs

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From Seth’s Blog ….

Seth always has a way to provoke us on things we take for granted.

Nouns and verbs

I had two great seminars in my office this week. Not only do cool people show up, but it pushes me to think hard about new ways to talk about things that work.

  • Today, we talked about nouns and verbs
  • Investments are a noun. Investing is a verb
  • Paint is a noun. Painting is a verb
  • A gift is a noun. Shopping for or giving one is a verb.

People care much more about verbs than nouns. They care about things that move, that are happening, that change. They care about experiences and events and the way things make us feel.

Nouns just sit there, inanimate lumps. Verbs are about wants and desires and wishes.

  • Is your website a noun or a verb?
  • What about your management style or the services you offer?

A few years ago, the rage was to turn products into services. Then it was to turn services into products.

I think the next big thing is to turn nouns into verbs.”

Politics and Trust

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The UK election campaign and “trust”… here’s a little item from the UK General Election campaign, as reported in the Economist.

“There is a problem in focusing on the issue of personal trust in the prime minister. According to a YouGov poll for Sky News, 62% say they do not trust Mr Blair. But 66% say they do not trust Mr Howard. That makes turning the election into a referendum on Mr Blair and his slipperiness difficult.”

Now, what is trust – isn’t it a positive rather than a lack of negatives?