Terrorists won’t win

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From the BBC website – July 7th 2005

“Tony Blair has vowed the British people will not be intimidated after blasts hit London’s transport network.

Speaking in Downing Street, the UK prime minister said: ‘It is a very sad day for the British people but we will hold true to the British way of life.’

Mr Blair earlier returned to London from the G8 summit in Gleneagles, but has made clear the talks will continue.

A statement from the G8 called the blasts ‘an attack not on one nation but on all nations and civilised people’.”

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Our thoughts and heart-felt feelings go out to those famililes who today so cruely and unexpectedly lost loved ones, and to those people wounded who are now in London’s hospitals.

Our praise goes to the terrific professionalism and selflessness of the emergency services, and their preparedness for this awful eventuality.

What a terrible, callous atrocity – made even worse by its close proximity to the peaceful weekend determination to end global poverty in Edinburgh, and the UK’s euphoria yesterday around the Olympics decision.

Yet, as the news unfolded in the West London office I was working in, the overwhelming sentiment was “make sure everyone is safe, grieve, keep going, keep things normal – otherwise the bad guys win”.

Let us hope that this inspiring “London spirit”, which has risen above so many challenges over the centuries, will continue to prevail – not only in the UK but in civilised society worldwide.

Coe’s greatest race

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From BBC website … By Mark Orlovac

“Lord Coe has won his greatest ever race by bringing the 2012 Olympics to London.

He may have won two Olympic gold medals and smashed 12 world records, but Coe’s achievement in leading London to a stunning victory eclipses them all.

‘This is almost entirely on a different planet to winning the gold medals,’ Coe admitted. His jubilation is understandable as it is his leadership which has been pivotal in helping London claim sport’s biggest prize.

For so long the London bid was regarded as way off the pace and when the five candidate cities were originally shortlisted, London was rated third behind Paris and Madrid. And Paris was universally regarded as such strong favourites that the contest was seen as effectively over.

But with the exquisite timing that he showed so often in an illustrious career, Coe helped London produce the late charge which saw them pip their French rivals.”

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Now, like many people in the UK I think this is terrific. And I certainly do not want to doubt Seb Coe’s work here. A great leadership job.

I’d just like to note that it takes an amazing team effort to do things like this … and then an even more amazing team will be needed to deliver the Games itself!