Leading Execution

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From IndustryWeek – by John S. McClenahen

Once companies define corporate social responsibility and devise strategies, CEOs and other senior executives must creatively and effectively take the next step: lead the implementation.

Defining social responsibility and devising corporate strategies are but two steps, although vital steps, in the difficult, dynamic and continuing job of connecting manufacturing and society. However, without executive leadership, definitions, be they broad or narrow, and strategies, be they simple or complex, aren’t worth the computer memory space they occupy.

‘What executives in today’s world have to do is . . . be ethical leaders,’ insists R. Edward Freeman, a professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden School in Charlottesville and academic director of the recently created Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics. ‘Ethics can’t be what I like to call laminated ethics — laminated on a card or plaque.'”

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Stacey & Certainty

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I was with a client in Finland this week, again, and we were dealing with how best to work in a “high techonology” matrix organization

One suggestion I offered was to consider Ralph Stacey’s “Certainty Matrix”. This is a way of taking action based on the degree of certainty and level of agreement on the issue in question.

I like this model as it provides a framework to allow a group to choose between approaches for a specific issue or decision, and then be able to communicate with others about their conversation, process and outcome. Some things are just too hard – others too easy. The rest?

Well, you try to “eat the elephant” a piece at a time ….!

A good primer on the subject is at the Plexus Institute Archive.