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From Innovation Net, by Mike Docherty, August 3rd 2006 ….


“This unretouched photograph of a housefly with miniaturized spectacles serves a purpose. And it’s not related to improving the vision of the four-thousand lenses in this fly’s eyes (he’s dead anyway). The point of this project, highlighted in the June issue of IEEE Spectrum, was for Micreon GmbH to demonstrate its micro-machining capabilities in a dramatic way (Thanks to Across the Board Magazine for pointing out this story).

My weblog is about innovation, but I use this example not to talk about the powerful micro-machining technology at work here. To me, communicating innovation and its launch is as important as the innovation itself. Here’s a great example of a start-up company understanding the power of telling their story in a compelling, imaginative and buzz-worthy (sorry) way. Cutting eyeglasses out of tungsten that are only 2mm wide from ‘temple to temple’ is an amazing feat, as is their choice of model. Really gives you an emotional response in a way that miniatirized gearsets or mechanisms never could. Click on the photo and you’ll notice they’ve even emblazoned their logo in the center of the glasses.

So don’t underestimate the importance of communicating your innovations in innovative ways“.


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Being a TED fan, this really intrigues me …..

TEDTalks (audio, video)

“Each year, TED hosts some of the world’s most fascinating people: Trusted voices and convention-breaking mavericks, icons and geniuses. The talks they deliver have had had such a great impact, we thought they deserved a wider audience. So now – with our sponsor BMW and production partner WNYC/New York Public Radio we’re sharing some of the most remarkable TED talks with the world at large.

Each week, we’ll release a new talk, in audio and video, to download or watch online. For best effect, plan to listen to at least three, start to finish. They have a cumulative effect … “