5 Things at Work that are Making Your Employees Less Productive – Dennis Hung

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Whether you have quantitatively or qualitatively assessed that the levels of productivity at work are down, you know that solving the problem is necessary. In order to increase your company’s levels of productivity, you must first understand the reasons why employees are feeling less motivated or not reaching their ultimate goals.

Multiple Distractions

While some employees might enjoy the presence of music to boost their mood or delight in a busy work environment, distractions can seriously decrease productivity. For example, hosting a meeting in the middle of work space can distract employees who are not part of the conversation. Music through the company might intrigue consumers, but the sounds could have the opposite effect on employees. One way to find out what is distracting your employees in the work environment is to ask them. A survey is an effective method to get a sense of what your employees want to see in the business. Another perk of a survey is that it helps to convey the idea that you care about your employees’ concerns.

Poor Technology

In the 21st century, most companies need to use at least some level of technology. When your technology is outdated, your employees simply may lack the ability to produce at the rate of your competitors. A host of problems could arise with technology and productivity. For example, a tool as simple as a slow computer could seriously decrease the output of your employees. Keep in mind that when your competitors are using more effective modes of technology, they are likely to pass you by in the race.


Although you may likely want to ensure that your employees are meeting the goals that you’ve created, constantly hovering over them might slow them down. When you hire people, you should have a thorough interview process to make certain that you can trust these individuals. Trusting your employees means that you can leave them to take care of tasks. When you’re criticizing their every move and constantly offering negative feedback, they’re probably going to become entirely nervous to work in front of you. Scheduled observations offer a way to provide you with insight about how employees work without slowing them down even more.

Financial Woes

Chron explores how financial worries can impede how productive your employees are at work. A number of issues could come into fruition here. For example, your employees might strongly feel that they are not paid fairly for the amount of work that they are expected to do. While you do need to pay attention to industry standards, you should also assess whether your employees can really survive on what you’re paying them. Considering regular raises can provide them with motivation. Furthermore, you can also craft a system of bonuses. If employees are aware that they may receive a raise when they are productive and show high levels of creative, you will likely see positive changes in the office.

Lack of Breaks

When you want to improve performance at work, you need to make sure that employees are taking care of themselves as well. While prioritizing the work is of utmost importance, think about the last time that you worked for a protracted period of time without a break. Even though you didn’t stop, your productivity may have decreased due to exhaustion. Feeling worn out from a job can lead your employees to make frequent mistakes. Then, instead of finishing the project on time, they have to go back to fix the errors. Offering regular breaks during the work day and time off from work can give your employees bursts of energy.

A lack of productivity can seriously hurt your business as a whole. In order to resolve these issues, take a look at the reasons why productivity is low and implement solutions for resolving these issues.

Up the Ladder: Tips on Moving Forward in Your Career – Rosana Beechum

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It is not uncommon for people with fantastic jobs to feel stuck in their current position. Having a good job doesn’t always guarantee a great career. If you have been in your current position for more than three years, chances are you feel the same way about your career. Thankfully, feeling stuck in your career and wanting to do something about it are positive things.

Since you already have the will to do something to move your career forward, you are already a step ahead of most people. Your task now is figuring out how to move forward as well as seeking opportunities to grab. Before you get started, here are some of the best tips on moving forward in your career.

Update Yourself

Updating your CV and resume is easy. You can easily find an online CV maker to help you create, update, and maintain an effective CV in a couple of easy steps. The same tool may also allow you to download your CV in various formats or deliver it to recruiters directly. Make sure your CV is specific to the job or opportunity you want to grab though.

What’s more important than updating your CV is updating yourself. Look around and you will notice how the market is evolving rapidly. Conventional marketing is still being used, but digital marketing is quickly taking the lead. IT-based solutions are helping companies operate more efficiently. Other corporate functions like HR and finance are changing too.

You need to pick up new skills and sharpen your existing ones in order to stay relevant; that’s the key phrase, “stay relevant.” There are many ways to update yourself too, including short courses and fully featured university programs conducted entirely online. You can pursue a master’s degree in a field of your choice while working a fulltime job.

Learn to Adapt

You can’t expect to get noticed when all you do is follow along. The best candidates for strategic roles and management jobs are those who are willing to step up and assume more responsibilities. This is something you have to actively do in order to advance in your career.

The next time you are involved in a project, volunteer to lead the team. When you are in a meeting about problems the company is experiencing, suggest solutions that you think are best for the circumstance. Don’t hesitate to speak up if you know you can add value to the discussion.

These are simple things you can do immediately, but they are things that will increase your value as an employee and as a candidate. The more you contribute to the company, the more valuable you become. Continue boosting your value and you will start seeing new opportunities sooner than you think.

Adapting also means adjusting to changes quickly. Being able to adapt without disrupting the flow of operations is also a huge plus in today’s market. Companies value those who are as good at taking initiatives as they are at ensuring smooth operations and minimizing disruptions.

Connect with the Right People

Assuming you feel stuck in your present job, have you ever asked your superior about your overall performance and the things you can do to improve? Understanding the reasons behind your career block is a great way to deal with that block. The conversation you have with your superior may lead to more opportunities in the future.

Maintaining good relationships with co-workers and superiors is an important thing. The people you connect with will influence the future of your career in more ways than you realise. Maintaining good relationships with HR, for instance, allows you to get a better insight on how you can improve and things like the requirements you need to meet for a promotion.

Your external network is also important. This is why having a strong online presence and an active LinkedIn account is a must. Today, opportunities could come from the most unexpected sources, and the best way to make yourself more visible to those sources is by having a strong online presence. It is not uncommon for recognised talents to get great job offers via LinkedIn; you can too!

Push Harder

In the end, taking your career to the next level is all about making the right moves and taking the right steps. You can’t expect a career boost if you go through every day doing the same thing. On the other hand, that boost will come sooner or later if you remain persistent and continue to improve yourself.

So, be persistent. Take courses to add new skills to your arsenal of capabilities. Connect with the right people and take more initiatives to gain more opportunities to shine. Develop a stronger, more capable you and make sure you let the world – via your online presence – know how good you are in what you do. Soon you’ll be climbing up the corporate ladder with these tips helping you get started.