7 Small Business Options You Should Try Out in 2019 – Diana Smith

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Taking ownership over your career and starting your own business has to be one of the best things you can do in life. The good news is that we are living in the age when business gates have been more open to inexperienced newcomers than ever before. And the number of small entrepreneurs is constantly growing. Currently, in the United States, small businesses employ approximately 58.9 million people (47% of the private workforce).

In order to join this booming sector, ambitious entrepreneurs need to meet a couple of requirements, but first and foremost, they need to enter the market with strong and viable ideas. Let’s take a look at some of the best options in 2019.

Skilled trade services

No matter how technically advanced our society might be becoming with each passing day, the services of experienced and skilled tradespeople will always be needed. Even more so when we take into consideration that the current workforce is rapidly aging and is expected to retire in the following decade. Some of the professions that are expected to be high-demand in that period are:

  • Plumbing and pipefitting
  • Carpentry
  • Masonry
  • Steel working
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical systems


What makes catering such an excellent business opportunity is that this particular field requires very little investment. On the other hand, just how far will you be able to scale your business will be limited only by your skill set and ambition. For a start, you will need access to a commercial kitchen, part-time staff and a lot of time to promote your business. However, once you handle a couple of events and the word-of-mouth starts growing, you can count on a stable influx of new customers.

Moving business

Yet another profession that will never lose momentum – as long as there’s real estate, people will be moving. If you want to exploit this fact, you will first need to find quality trucks for sale and build your fleet. Try to have vehicles of different sizes and capacities – you want to enter the market with a versatile offer. Then, take some time to research the competition and design a competitive pricing scheme. Finally, you need to put your company on the map. Social media are always a great place to start.

Self-storage rentals

This is a topic that is closely related to the previous one. As the number of small businesses and personal possessions continues to grow, the need for additional storage becomes a burning issue, especially in large metropolitan areas. For instance, according to some estimations, self-storage demand in densely populated New York exceeds supply by a staggering 300%. Another great thing about this option is that, as long as you have installed sufficient security measures, managing your assets should not pose too much of a problem.

Craft brewery

Here’s another interesting stat that may surprise you – as much as 98% of operating breweries in the United States are small, independently owned companies. What that essentially means is that, by opening a small craft brewery, you will join a booming market that is just now cultivating its audience. The possibilities for distribution are limitless – local pubs, crowded summer festivals, online shops, and so on. Just put your passion into it and be original with the tastes and you ought to find your niche market.

Bike sales and services

As we already mentioned when we talked about self-storage businesses, large cities are being more densely populated with each passing day. In such circumstances, navigating busy traffic becomes a huge chore. It should really be no wonder that bikes easily positioned themselves as a healthy, eco-friendly and affordable alternative to motor vehicles. Reaching out to this growing audience sounds like a good business move. Your shop can focus on selling, bike repairs, related services or all of the above.

App development

Getting into the developer community requires a lot of hard work and countless hours spent mastering relevant programming languages. However, once you manage to overcome this steep learning curve and start putting your apps in relevant stores, you can count on what we call passive income –revenue generated without you putting further effort into it. This welcome circumstance allows you to put the focus on a new project and further diversify your portfolio.

We hope these seven business options will set you on the right course, or at least help you to come up with an idea of your own. We are living in a time when the doors to the world of entrepreneurship are wide open to newcomers. It would be such a waste to miss the opportunity to take your fate into your own hands and remain idle while the world around you is changing.

How to Better Know Your Employees as a Leader – Dennis Hung

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Managers as the leaders should be in the best position to motivate their employees. They should always have the strategies that will set the employees working in the organization in a positive mood. Managers as the leaders should plan well their employees and make them feel part of the organization. Being a manager in an organization is not all about you but the best move is to impart some leadership skills to the employees for the best of their career. When they are imparted with these skills, they will be in a position to make a decision that is also beneficial to the company and guide their peers.

Making the employees to be the full leaders is not something that should be done in a swift move. There are some of the strategies that will help them develop the necessary skills that will make the beneficiaries of the knowledge they are getting.

Give employees the right experience

As the manager role out some projects, there are some of the duties that are unique to the manager. There are some of the skills that are not familiar to the employees but if in any case, they find the chance to move up the ranks of the organization, give them a chance to gain experience in some of the areas. For instance, the manager has to set aside the time that will give a presentation to the recent employees and even explain to them what his or her department does. This will help them gain public speaking experience.

This is also applicable to the matters of the duties that the other team of workers may not have much experience.Therefore the 360 survey process is essential in the organization because it ensures that you will know your employees and business better.

Teach Employees how to network

The best way to handle this to constantly take the employees along the networking events. This is the point where most of them will learn the best ways to forge connections with other strangers and also initiate conversation. Furthermore, they will have the chance to share ideas with each other. This is something that will be mutually beneficial for both the company and the employees in the networking events.

Since they will be related closely with the rest of the leaders, they will have the chance to borrow some more leadership skills from them. This shows that it is important to teach the employees how to network. The skills that employees will get from the events will also come and share with the rest of the co-workers in the company and this will be beneficial.

Allow them to struggle and learn

In most cases, when the employees are facing the challenges in the field of work, they normally approach the managers to provide them with the necessary resources that are required to accomplish the task. When one is coaching the employees to be part of the managerial team, there are some of the elements that are crucial and need not be neglected. The important move is to push them sometimes to figure out the solution to what they need.

Be a mentor

As the manager is passing the employees through leadership skills, he or she will create closeness with him. Finally, this closeness will create a mentor-mentee relationship. This is one of the beneficial tools to mark the continuity of leadership skills. Being a mentor of someone make the employees also gained confidence in what is doing. Employees will be courageous enough to ask questions in case they need any clarification regarding a particular issue in the organization.

Be respectful

The other thing that the leader has to possess towards the employees is respect. Workers need to work in an environment that is free from commands. As a leader, one should find a way of solving issues amicably within the company.

All these are some of the factors that one should take into consideration to better employees as a leader. When all these are applied, the level of production and cohesiveness between the workers will also increase within the organization.