Leadership Inspiration: 4 Resilient Entrepreneurs Who Went From Bankruptcy to Millionaires – Leila Dorari

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Things can take a turn for the worse in life, whether it’s in private life, professionally, or multiple things combined. Some of us have been there, but for those that weren’t and have just hit the slump – it’s worth remembering all the people that have hit the bottom in the past and managed to rebound.

The usual phrase that failures are valuable experiences may piss you off at the moment, but it’s actually quite true – only if you can learn from it. There are quitters and there are those who go into a higher gear once they’re down. This article will remind you of some of the famous entrepreneurs that managed to go from broke to millionaires.

Walt Disney

Yep, the animation genius Walt Disney was there with his first studio named “Laugh-O-Grams”. Funnily enough, the film that pushed the studio in bankruptcy was based on Alice in Wonderland, a movie that he’ll come back later with great success. After the bankruptcy in 1923, Disney moved to Hollywood and opened his new studio Disney Bros with his brother Roy. Everything after 1928 and the creation of Mickey Mouse is history, as Walt Disney became one of the most famous people that lived in the 20th century. Disney was a dreamer, which is why he insisted on creating the Disneyworld amusement parks. Magical places like that didn’t exist before him, which is why so many kids are still grateful to him today.

Steve Jobs

If you’ve watched one of the movies about the Apple founder you probably know the story. Still, he’s one of the people that belong to this list as he went through a lot just to get his company back. Steve Jobs was a millionaire by the age of 23, but then he got fired from Apple by a man he hired three years earlier – John Sculley. Jobs went on to start his second company “NeXT” which would later be acquired by Apple and Jobs would become the CEO once again. And yes, in case you’re wondering – Sculley got sacked. Steve Jobs used to say that getting fired from Apple was one of the best things that could’ve happened to him – simply because he learned how the business world operates, something he struggled with in the past.

George Foreman

One of the legends from the boxing world, George Foreman was known as the fierce rival of Muhammed Ali and a World Heavyweight Champion – one that managed to win the title when he was 45 years old! If that didn’t bring a smile to your face, you should also know that he spent almost all of his money before getting an offer to lend his name for the George Foreman Grill – an act that earned him over $200 million in the future. Foreman was one of those people that you knew they’d push as long as they’ve had even a little bit of strength in them.

Cindy Lauper

The icon of the 80’s, Cindy Lauper was first a member of the band called Blue Angel. Unfortunately, the band had little success which is why they had to go through a process of members voluntary liquidation and file for bankruptcy. That wasn’t the end for Cindy Lauper though, as she recovered and recorded some of the famous hits of an era – including “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and “Time After Time”. Topping the charts became a normal thing for Cindy Lauper, who would go on to win a Tony Award in 2013 for the musical “Kinky Boots”.

Bottom Line

There’s a reason why so many entrepreneurs see previous failures as valuable experiences. Those that haven’t failed in life won’t have the same resilience nor the will like those that have already been on the bottom. It’s important to note that the only person that may be stopping you from succeeding again is you. So do not despair and do not dwell on what could’ve been done differently – but rather take action and try to launch yourself towards the top again. The people we mentioned in this guide are proof enough that it’s possible, but only if you believe in yourself.


Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur, freelance writer and business-improvement enthusiast from Sydney.

Currently, she is consulting companies on various effects different marketing solutions can have on their business. In her spare time you can usually find her window shopping.

The Enemies to Your Success – How to Defeat Them … James Daily

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We all have an idea of what success would look like to us. Some of us want big income and a career position that others admire; some of us want comfort with loved ones all around; some of us just want our kids to be happy and fulfilled; and some of us want to make a difference to society.

No matter what success looks like to you, getting there is a journey – a lifelong one, actually. Because once we humans reach a goal, we tend to set a new one based on what our next step toward success looks like.

But there are “devils” that will derail us on our quest – enemies that actually come from within. And while it may be comfortable to blame other people or circumstances, we have to look within if we are to figure out what is keeping us from our success. So, here are the enemies and how you can defeat them.

  1. Fear

You got a college degree in a high-demand career field. You have the “world by the tail.” But now you have had an epiphany, and you realize that this is not what success looks like to you. You want to write; you want to be an author of mystery thrillers. But what will your parents and your friends think if you give up this great career for a path that will be far less lucrative and even risky? Your fear of what others will think paralyzes you.

Yet another fear is that of failure. What is you give up that career and start writing books? And what if you get hundreds of rejections from publishers?  Think about this. J.K. Rowling get over 250 rejections before a publisher took a chance on her.

The only way to overcome fear is to accept the fact that you might fail. Ask yourself: “What is the worst that could happen?” You will ultimately fail and have to choose some other path to the success you want. Or instead of mystery thrillers, you’ll choose another writing path. If that is the worst that could happen, what in the world is stopping you?

A pretty solid of overcoming fear is to have a “Plan B” if Plan A doesn’t work out. Then, you can move forward with much greater comfort and can always tell your parents and friends that you do have a contingency plan.

  1. Not Knowing Your Strengths and Challenges

Sometimes this is called being self-aware. You can have a success goal, but it is just a goal without a plan. And that plan has to include a realistic assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. If you really want to be designer and developer of computer games, and you know your math skills are pretty poor, how will you overcome that? Many inventors and scientists have actually struggled with math too, but they learned to compensate. Maybe you are the creative idea person – that is your strength. So, you develop a partnership with a programmer who can bring that idea to life. The point is this: once you honestly analyze what you can and cannot do, you can do something about the “cannot.” It may be more education/training, or it may be forming a partnership with someone who offsets your challenges.

  1. Procrastination/Lack of Focus

It’s so easy to say, “Tomorrow I will start working on my relationship with my partner.” Really? What can you do today? And if you find yourself avoiding that “work,” always coming up with something else that needs your attention, then you have no passion for the success goal you have set. This goes for everything in your life. Procrastination and lack of focus (or motivation) are symptoms of a larger issue. And that larger issue is usually that what you tell yourself is your success goal is really not. Or, that fear is holding you back.

It’s time for a re-assessment. Step back and do some serious introspection. What do you really want to do? If you are not working on that relationship perhaps it is because it is not the right one for you. If you are not starting that job search, maybe the positions you are seeking are not really what you want. don’t make any changes until you are confident about what success will really look like.

Remember this: We always find time for the things we really want to do. What is it that you always find time to do? Maybe your success is along that path.

  1. The Company You Keep

The adage is true: The company you keep is who you are. How are the people you hang with assisting you on your path to success? It’s comfortable to remain in the same social circles that have provided you comfort and support for years. They may be high school or college chums; they may be co-workers. But if they are not aware of your goals and are not supporting and encouraging you in the pursuit of those goals, then they comprise a bad social circle.

You have to develop relationships with people who think like you do, people who have similar success goals as you. Get out there and find those people, join groups and organizations where these people are. They will be supportive, enthusiastic, and will provide you with the encouragement and motivation you need.

There are No Shortcuts

You can sit around and wish that you will win the lottery, that the right partner will magically show up, or that the perfect job will just fall into your lap. Not going to happen. You have to be proactive and take the steps to defeat those enemies that are preventing your success. Take a look at these enemies and make your plans to defeat them right now.

Bio: James Daily is a professional writer, content manager, and blogger at Flash Essay.

He counts astronomy, psychology, and cinema among his myriad interests.