Learning leadership is essential in business – Dennis Hung

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Effective leadership is essential for a company to succeed. Knowing how to be this will help not just the person put in a leadership spot, but those under them. Companies look for people who will inspire and get results. That is why the company and person need to know what it takes to be effective. A person can train and practice those traits that will help be of most use. Not every trait comes easily, but with time, they will stick. Even the military has shown that repetition allows for people to be effective, even in the most stressful of times.

Understanding teams

In the military, people learn that teamwork is essential. The leader of the team must understand the members and how to lead them. In business, much the same is needed. Personalities need to be cultivated to best work with others. An effective leader needs to watch the details and handle them. The team may do the work of the company more, but making sure the team does not have to worry about the paperwork is something for the leader. Helping the team members and helping them advance when they are ready will help the team be the best it can.

Keep learning

A leader is someone who keeps learning about all they can. In the military, leadership is cultivated through continued education. In business, leaders many times have to further their own education. A person may pick up books from Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. Others may work to learn more about the industry they work in. Leaders should know basic skills for their job, such as how to calculate gross wages, and learn harder skills as they go. That learning will show to everyone. It will also be some of the catalysts for the company to grow in exciting ways. That will help no matter the size of the company. It can also lead to further promotions and challenges. Never stop learning, even if it is outside of the classroom.

Communication is essential

People may believe that, in a world of social media, everyone can communicate. That is not the case with interpersonal work type of communication. In the military, communication cuts through the fog of war. In business, it may not seem so dire, but it can be for the life of the business. Leaders need to make sure that employees know that communication can cut problems off at the knees. Going up the chain of command, executives need to know what could turn into money drains and other huge problems. Any business is kept alive with communication and a leader knows how to keep that happening.

Be a leader

One thing that people have a tendency to forget in a team dynamic is to be the leader. In the military, traditions and rules keep this from being a problem. In the business world, the line is not so easily remembered. People who are leaders sometimes forget that there needs to be a little divide to keep order. While some camaraderie is extremely useful, people have issues when tough jobs have to be assigned to people perceived as friends. Leaders need to have the separation for the tough decisions and staying objective. There can be some friends, but not when it hurts the company.

Leadership is necessary for life, the military, and business. The differences in all three allow for people to see and adjust. Teamwork, learning, and communication are all part of how to be more effective in this role, no matter where. People can learn this role, if they are willing to. They just need to keep educating themselves, seeing how they can improve.