Leadership and the UK Brexit situation

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I would offer the following on the current UK Brexit situation:

1. Mrs. May’s Government announced that immigration was the key Brexit issue. That is a gross oversimplification, and it is not surprising that Sterling CRASHED as a result. The UK can’t function without globalisation and immigration. Hasn’t been able to for centuries.

We absolutely need to redefine globalisation and capitalism so that everyone wins. Too many people have been left behind. But that is not the same as being King Canute. Engagement not myopia, please.

The issue, m’lady was more complex. Voters had many reasons, including immigration, and these need to be both respected and unpacked, whether Remainers or Brexiteers.

Our collective goals for the country need to be CLEAR and AGREED. Your job is to forge that CONSENSUS not build a f****** bigger divide.

This is not the time for populist soundbites. Think, ma’am, think.

2. The Government also seems to feel that a secret negotiation will give the UK an edge with the EU. Unfortunately, we are the tail end of this. Sterling’s fall already destroys any edge the UK might have had. The more things are secret, the lower the confidence in Sterling.

And the more DD opens his mouth, the worse things get. SHUT UP!

Lower Sterling is great for exports, and rich people with investment possibilities. But s*** for the person in the street, at least for the next five years. Inflation, here we come. Spending cuts, those too. Cap in hand, begging bowl time …

Thanks, Theresa M and David D, we are now on the defence. Great strategy. If you want a few lessons in negotiating please call people who have done this before. This is not AMATEUR NIGHT!

3. We have a Parliamentary democracy, not a Presidency. Parliament gets to decide the most important things facing this nation. You can’t go to war these days without a vote in the Commons, so how can we Brexit without it?

Get real, Mrs. May. You negotiate a secret deal, and MP’s say no later. Great plan.

We pay each and every MP to represent their constituents. That’s what UK sovereignty really means, and essentially it has done since the Magna Carta kicked out the King. In my humble opinion, the Brexit vote was mainly about that sovereignty.

Mrs. May, you are not an autocratic QUEEN pretending to understand the nation without conversation. No cake will be eaten.

Big kudos to Corbyn, Clarke, Milliband, Farron, Clegg and many sensible others for going on the Parliamentary attack. It’s now that time to see what our MPs are made of. Push, people, PUSH.

4. The Brexiteering Right still feel that they have some kind of moral superiority, based on the 52:48 win. So no moaning please, by everyone else. B*******. You would have all still fought had you lost!

So please, respect that in a democracy we are all supposed to feel good about the outcome. Debate, not fiat.

You have ALL RUN AWAY, and left a ZERO plan. You are ducking the mess you made. Farage with Trump – say no more – and Boris the “Scary Clown” picking a fight with the Russians – deflecting attention.

So, please, for all those reading who respect democracy, whichever way you voted, urge your MPs to take control.

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