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Do you often find yourself not achieving your goals? You might wake up planning to do so much at the beginning of the day, but before you know it, you’re distracted, focused on low priority tasks and are procrastinating of the high priority tasks. This can be solved through one technique – writing. Writing has in recent times been more emphasized as a key to solving various issues, and it has been spread over the world. The world today is focusing more and more on productivity and the best way to make a person productive is through motivation. Below are a few tips on how writing can improve an individual’s productivity and keep them motivated.

Writing Helps You to Arrange Your Thoughts

Many people view writing as a sign of weakness. It is compared to accepting defeat. They say writing is acknowledging that you are not young enough to remember simple facts. This is however not true. Writing down things is a tremendous gift that you can give yourself. When you put things on paper, you free your mind to focus on other important things instead of constantly trying to remember them.

Writing down not only your appointments and to do lists but your ideas is very beneficial to you. It enables you to collect your thoughts and arrange them. You are able to sort out things and think more analytically. Writing things down can also help you to remember great ideas that you would have otherwise forgotten. It will motivate you to move towards your goals.

Proper arrangement of your thoughts will turn you into a good leader. Without order and organization, your ideas do not have any impact. This will inhibit your professional growth. To avoid this, write down and arrange your ideas and thoughts. This comes in handy, especially when giving orders. If your requests can be understood easily, the results will be good and you will be a good leader.

If You Improve Your Skill in Writing, You Will Have More Free Time

All writers are affected by procrastination. This, in turn, affects their motivation. On the other hand, looking for motivation results in procrastination reducing your productivity. It is, therefore, a circle of events.

When you’re given a topic to write about, invest time to think about it. For skilled writers, they require looking at the topic once, then knowledge and experience take over. As a new writer, you need more time doing the same assignment. There are various tools found online that can help you make your writing easier, for example, Grammarly, Slick Write, Ginger, After The Deadline among others. Practice makes perfect. With time, you will become a great writer and your skill will improve. You will not take a lot of time on one assignment thus you will have more time to spend on other areas of your life.

Writing Helps You Focus

In order to come up with a good report, you need to focus completely. This means that you will not divert your attention to unnecessary things. A study shows that about 30% employees are stressed about finances so that they are unable to focus and be productive. Writing, therefore, helps you train how to focus which is a useful skill that can be applied to other areas of life. And this will definitely improve your productivity.

Demand for Writers is High

The more you write, the more you improve as a writer. If you are a student on break, you can indulge in writing and become a professional writer. You will earn some money while improving yourself as a person. If you are already a professional writer, the more clients are pleased with your work, the more your name as a writer improves. You become more and more valuable.

Today, several websites are looking for professional writers to help them out. The writer chooses from a selection of effect essay topics and writes about it according to the instructions given. From there, they submit the paper, and they earn some extra cash on top of boosting their writing skills.

Writing Helps You to Improve On Organization Skills

Communication skills are very important for an individual. With good contact skills, your employers see you as a very productive person. Writing requires that you are constantly working on your language skills. This influences your reading and speaking ability. The different language patterns that you use are very beneficial for real-life interaction.

Using language correctly helps you to tackle real-life scenarios much better. These skills, however, can only improve with constant practice. Therefore, do not ignore the importance of developing your language.

Writing Results in Innovation

It is a fact that writing indeed improves creativity , which is a very important aspect of work. Several inventions and great ideas in the world have formed as a result of creativity. Being creative is not an innate trait but a quality that can be developed. Imagination is a great way to grow creativity.

It Motivates You

Writing your goals on a paper has proven to be very beneficial. Instead of just imagining what you want to achieve in life, go a step further and write it down. When you put your idea on paper, it’s forced out of the concept stage and begins to appear real.

When you write something down you have a visual of your thoughts and ideas. It easier to handle something that you can see as compared to something that’s abstract.


The above points show how through writing you can improve your productivity and motivation. We should work to better our writing skill as it is beneficial not only to our work life but also your personal lives. If we all begin writing, we can make the world a better place since we will all be productive and motivated. There will be new ideas being developed, and individuals will be at their best self when working.

How else do you think can we improve our productivity?

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