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A truly agile team can push your business to unimaginable lengths.

These teams are fast, innovative, flexible and can push projects forward in spite of different challenges coming their way.

However, unlike waterfall teams, agile teams require more constant communication to make them work, as they are constantly trying to adapt to new challenges.

Agile teams impose a certain set of challenges for their leaders, too. If done right, they will be your number one business asset.

So, how to get them to sync up better? What is the secret behind their seamless functioning?

Use these 5 tips below to get your agile team up to more speed, focus and productivity.

1. Focus your efforts

Don’t let the day’s pressures get into your team’s head. Emergencies and distractions can pop up any moment, so it’s important to be on top of your schedule and plan even for the unexpected.

Add new items to the task list only after something has been completed.

Your priority list should be a short one, that will help you navigate through any emergency faster and without losing project’s long term plans.

2. Talk about the vision

Your team may be specialized, and it designed to handle only one part of your organization’s projects, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include them in on your big picture.

Make sure you are being transparent about your business, and that you share your organization’s ideas and goals.

Every team needs to know their part of the bigger goal and objectives.

The better understanding they have of your company’s value and long-term goals, the easier it will be for them to feel connection and sense of purpose.

3. Hire a small team of A-Players

“A small team of A-Players can run circles around a giant team of B or C Players”, Steve Jobs said in an interview.

That said, make sure to hire the right people and deploy them in the most effective way

An effective team of go-getters will be more easily aligned with your vision and — more importantly — have the right set of skills to live up to it and make it happen.

4. Be the example your team can follow

Be the leader you’d like to have, and you set the example for other team members.

Make sure to communicate clearly and often, and be open and transparent about your business. Set the bar high, and your people will follow.

5. Plan to be surprised

Agile teams need their flexibility to perform well in the long run. Occasional bumps on the road will happen, and smart leaders need to be aware of those.

Even better if you could plan them in your budgeting and processes.

That way you will be able to react to changes quickly and adapt to new circumstances.
Now, the unexpected is by its very nature unpredictable.

However, you can build an organizational culture that can adapt quickly when unexpected situations occur.

Final thoughts

Be smart about using your agile teams to your benefit.

Make sure to work with them constantly on their improvements. Each of those improvements will mean more tackled work (read: more profit generated) for your business.

Use these tips to maximize your agile team’s results and don’t hesitate to share if you have a tip that hasn’t been mentioned here.


About the author: Mike Thatcher is a Digital Ninja with a years’ long experience. Digital nomad by the place of residence, he is passionate about entrepreneurship and leading small businesses and startups, especially in the online world. His best work comes to life when working what he loves most – writing.

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