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With globalization taking on the march, entrepreneurs know that remote work is part of the future of international business. The market is growing quickly, with more than 55 million U.S. freelancers present online today. That makes up for 35% of America’s labour force.

In the light of this, many companies are setting up their own remote teams, or creating new companies from scratch. They invest and search for people working in the areas content writing, IT, or translating, amongst others. Their goal is to have the best team on the market, but building it up requires a lot of time commitment and planning.

5 Questions to Ask When Building the Ideal Remote Team

Being a fairly new concept on the market, remote work can create lots of confusion. You need to know how to begin, and what steps to take. That is why here is a list of questions to consider when creating your team.

Are They Talented?

In this case, the supply of workers on the market is several times bigger than usual. You need to understand that there will be people applying for your job from all over the world. When you hire, take in consideration any possible communication problems that might appear, like time zones or language barriers.

The next step to take is interview them over Skype or any other video conferencing app. This is a little bit odd and it might be confusing, since you don’t get to see their real-life reactions. Ask them unusual questions that prove how open-minded they are. Prepare the questions beforehand so you don’t have to think about them. Always write down their answers.

Ask your prospective workers to take different tests online – if you are interested in good grammar, test them on that. If you are interested in how well they code, use the right method of testing for that. It all depends on your demands.

Last but not least, let your employees know that they are going to be on a paid trial period for a while. You need the best workers on the market, but you also need to see if they enjoy working with others.

Are You Giving Them All the Information?

Being in charge of a remote group of workers can be challenging. That’s why, in order to avoid confusion, everybody should know their position. Give every person a specific target, and write the tasks down too, so you can remember them later. When giving information, be specific, and treat everybody equally.

Make a common conference call, and let all the people in the team know their responsibilities. If personal problems occur, have one-on-one conversations with those people and solve the problems in an amiable way.

Are You Testing Them Enough?

Next step is testing your employees again. It is better to do it using the key performance indicators (KPI). After they set their goals according to your requirements, you can track their progress and see their achievements. It is an easy way for you to organize results, and keep track of their skills and improvements.

Make up a set schedule and a plan for the team. You have to keep everything organized, and monitor their activities 24/7. Make sure all the workers maintain the same rhythm – that is important for your company’s dynamics, and for reaching quick results. Analyze each of their outcomes privately at the end of the week, and draw conclusions based on that.

Do You Use the Right Tools?

There are many project management tools available today, and most of them can be found online. Some of the examples are Trello or Jira, two of the tools that could definitely make your life easier. You can send instant messages through these apps, coordinate projects, or even report and customize assignments. You can also divide the work in smaller pieces and work on every part separately. Another cool feature is that these management tools will help your team prioritize their tasks, and see their own progress online. They also have the option to sort or filter, and design different color codes on their own.

Do You Organize Enough Team Building Activities?

Team building has to be part of your management routine. Even though it is online and a little bit more complicated, people have to bond and connect with each other. In order to keep your success rate up, you need to take care of you team, and make them work well together. The only way to do it is online but hey – that works too!

But how? Well, for a start, you can invite them all to play an online game. You can also organize a group contest to see who’s the most competitive. It is a good way to break the ice and start conversations. If they feel connected to each other and to you, they are more engaged in their work and therefore, more productive.

If the work goes well and you are pleased with their results, you should think about organizing a real-life meeting in the future. Real-life interaction cannot be compared to virtual cooperation. You can actually see the people, hear their voice in real life, and pay attention to their reactions. Even if it might be expensive to organize this type of meeting, it is worth it if you feel that your team connects. So do invest the resources into it!


Globalization has been expanding the international market at a quick pace. Innovation is the new word smart corporations use, and brilliant remote work is on its way of changing the world. It takes some time until you get the hang of this type of work, but once you do, you become pretty much unstoppable. Hope we helped explaining the best means to achieve a great remote team in this article. If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to let us know. Good luck!

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