How Technology is Creating More Efficient Leaders – Amanda Peterson

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Technology is becoming an increasingly vital component of running a business. It has become so ingrained in the day-to-day tasks a company has to complete, that it would be impossible to get through a day without it. For those in positions of authority within a business, technology now plays a large role in their effectiveness as leaders. Using the right tech, in the right way can completely change the landscape of a workplace for employees on all levels. So how are businesses utilizing all of the tools at their disposal and how are those tools helping?


The ability to communicate is among the most sought-after qualities in leadership, especially for the new millennial and Generation Z employees entering the workforce right now. However, it is not just communication but constructive communication that is key. Validation, acknowledgement, and positive reinforcement have become essential to creating an encouraging work environment.

According to Chief Human Resources Officer at Randstad USA, Jim Link it is incredibly important “to share experiences with [employees], to talk about the mission and vision and values of the team or group or company. It’s that general overall communicative ability that is extremely important to these individuals.”

Technology is a major player in clearing the lines of communication, allowing managers, supervisors, and c-suite members to work more closely with those under them.Through programs like Slack, Google Chat, and even old fashioned e-mail it becomes easy to talk to each other throughout the day. Co-workers can share ideas, ask for help, send suggestions, offer criticisms or encouragements whenever necessary.


Offering the right tools to employees is one of the most important parts of leading a successful business in today’s world. When employees are provided with up to date equipment, software, and applications, it allows for the most efficient workplaces imaginable.

Additionally, online training tools are becoming some of the most effective programs available for businesses. These platforms allow for employees to train independently and on their own time rather than taking up time out of everyone’s work day. They give everyone the ability to be taught the same information so there are no lags in communication across the company. Everyone can be on the same page with the same knowledge and skills-sets available to them.

Employment opportunities

The new tech age we are in has opened doors to more employment choices that ever before. In the past, businesses were limited to the pool of employees in their geographical area who came to them. With the programs and platforms available now, candidates can be found, interviewed, and even work, from anywhere in the world.

Through the use of cloud-based workspaces, Google Drive, and video chatting programs like Skype, employees can be recruited from any location seamlessly and fall into any workplace without a hitch.

These technologies allow for more flexible work hours by allowing employees to work around their busy lives. They create more opportunities for those who felt they were unable to work and maintain their personal lives at the same time. Remote employment is now an option at many companies and is only growing in popularity. The ability to work from anywhere, even if it is just the comfort of your own home is a game changer for many members of the workforce.

Track analytics

The use of analytics platforms like Google Analytics have opened up new pathways to understanding where your business and employees stand in the overall industry and why. These analysis tools can monitor the entire competitive landscape and give a more comprehensive view of the company and all personnel within it.

Analytics can track data about how you stack up against the competition in terms of ROI, impressions made online, number of visitors to a site, window shoppers vs. those with intent to buy and many other meta-analyses that are incredibly helpful in determining how to go about making any business better.

Recent versions of analytics products have also begun to offer evaluation at the employee level. These products can monitor and track employee performance, use of time, and success in their positions. This allows leaders to be able to pinpoint where employees are excelling and where they may need more help or training, creating a more successful team.