“Host: Six new Roles of engagement for teams, organisations, communities, movements” by Mark McKergow & Helen Bailey. Book Review by Victoria Yates

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It all started with a quote for Mark Mckegrow and Helen Bailey, an old Arabic proverb that states simply “the host is both the first and the last.”

In their innovative new book, ‘Host: Six new Roles of engagement for teams, organisations, communities, movements,’ the pair bring to life an original paradigm for viewing and understanding leadership from the metaphor of host. As they write: “Hosting is at the centre of humanity, and a little more awareness of the value of reaching out and opening our doors will go a long way to building relationship in teams, organizations, communities and movements.”

The power of the host comes, in part, from understanding that it both starts and ends with us as leader. Strong relationships are key to successful leadership, and in our increasing disconnected technological world there is a habit of stepping back rather than embracing our role. The book invites us to view the business world from this new perspective, to consider that as the host “it starts with me. If I do not have an open door, a warm welcome and an open heart, then nothing will happen. Of course I will engage others, we will quickly build things together, the future will emerge, for better or worse.”

Host Leadership defines six new roles leaders should employ in the engagement of others – Adopt the positions for a Host Leader, understand how to apply hosting strategies in your organization, and become a leader with a highly tuned sense of relationship building. Understanding how to really engage with people is the ultimate backbone of success.

The book has been warmly praised as a practical and fresh approach to leadership in the modern world.

Philip Newman-Hall, Director/General Manager, Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, found it both timely and profound: “Having been a host and leader for nearly 40 years, the insights in Host were as refreshingly relevant to me as they will be for any young manager, be they in hospitality or anywhere else where results through others are needed. These easy-to-apply principles will last you a lifetime.”

‘Host: Six new Roles of engagement for teams, organisations, communities, movements’ by Mark McKergow and Helen Bailey is available now on Amazon.

Dr Mark McKergow is an international speaker, consultant and teacher. A ‘recovering physicist’, his work over more than two decades has focused on responsive and emergent approaches to complex situations. He also plays jazz saxophone. Co-author Helen Bailey is a seasoned coaching and change expert and previously held a successful senior management position with The Royal Bank of Scotland Group. In 2004 , she started PINNA Ltd where she is Head of Coaching.