Great Ways to Improve Parts of Your Business as a Leader – Dennis Hung

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Being a leader doesn’t mean just being a manager. Leaders possess traits such as centeredness, good listening skills, self-awareness, and trustworthiness. While they have many positive traits, they also have some negative traits that should be changed. Leaders should eliminate those traits and find out one or two things that can make them effective leaders.

Encourage Physical Fitness

A great leader places great emphasis on physical fitness and spending time in nature. Taking a walk in nature encourages creativity, productivity, and positive responses, according to a recent study from Stanford University. Since creative and unique ideas increases team productivity and problem-solving skills that are important for a productive workplace, it’s important for leaders to encourage their team to take a walk to encourage creativity.

Productivity levels can also be increased by incorporating exercise with nature. Even if your workers spend long periods of time sitting or standing, they’ll experience many of the benefits associated with spending time in nature. They’ll experience increase focus and short-term memory. In experiencing these benefits, leaders need to incorporate outdoor activity into daily routines by allowing outdoor lunches or walks.

Establish Connections Beyond Work

It’s important for leaders to establish strong connections with the entire organization. It’s imperative for building and maintaining a culture that succeeds. It’s become easier for some leaders to connect to their workers through their company’s mission. But others have to work even harder to build connections among all levels of the hierarchy.

Leaders should make time for connection sessions, which allow them to connect with members of each department of their organization. Each team member who attends these weekly or monthly sessions are encouraged to share a few facts about themselves that aren’t work-related. This type of exercise encourages connections, and this can help reduce workplace drama and politics. Establishing connections with your workers can vastly improve the company culture.

Develop Your Team Members

Every member of your team should be used to help your company reach their goals. Growing isn’t possible if everyone has the idea of failing in mind. Developing strong team members is crucial to your organization’s growth. For example, if you want to improve your HR department, consider sending them to the top HR conferences Not only should you act as a leader, but you should also act as a coach, mentor, or teacher.

Care About People As Much as Business

This goes back to the previous statement. Leaders should care about people as much as they care about business. While it’s important to make sure that your business is successful, you need to realize that your company wouldn’t be where it is without your team members. When you recognize your team members and workers, they take good care of your business and your clients.

Only 33% of workers are engaged with the workplace. Once you show that you care about your workers, they’ll do their part. Having transparency is an ideal way to let your workers know how your company is doing and how they can help. Transparency includes showing financials during monthly meetings, sharing meeting notes, and finding ways for team members to grow with your company.

Encourage Open Communication

Transparency leads into open communication. Opening the lines of communication between workers and management is crucial for increasing workplace productivity. Building and maintaining open communication ensures that you’re sharing and receiving feedback on your organization’s performance. This also allows your team members to provide feedback about your performance as well.

While it’s difficult for leaders to be involved with every aspect of the business, open communication with team members provides insight into each operation of each department. Receiving and sharing open communication makes team members feel as if their voices are being heard and their ideas are contributing to the success of the organization. When the entire organization is involved in the leadership strategy, they can progress towards the overall goal.

Look for Internal Solutions

While this may seem obvious to some leaders, too many companies go without giving their team members a say in the matter. Staff surveys are one of the best ways in increasing company culture. Most leaders feel that they know what’s for a company, but it’s becoming easier to lead without taking employees’ happiness into consideration. There are many tools, some of which are automated and free, that you can use to survey your workers.

Think about your journey. How did you get here? It was probably with the help of a mentor. Hold weekly training sessions with your team that focus on building their mentorship skills, keeping up with changes in the industry, and learning new processes.