Europe’s Quest for Knowledge: Which Nation Has The Most Curious Population?

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Our natural curiosity is what drives us to take on new challenges. In our working lives, this curiosity is what helps us learn new skills and gives us the desire to move on to bigger and better things. Naturally, some people are more curious than others and have different interests, and it shapes each of our career paths.

A curious workforce can bring a host of benefits to businesses if they’re provided with the right platform to progress, but how do you know if your employees are seeking new opportunity?

Office suppliers Viking conducted research to find out which European countries are the most curious. The study used a number of factors used as a measurement of curiosity and determined a ranking of the most inquisitive nations across the continent.

The curiosity index was put together using the following factors:

  • Wikipedia page views per month per person with internet access
  • Active users on language-learning site Duolingo
  • Use of the internet for reading news or books
  • Number of library loans per year per capita
  • Number of Erasmus students per 1,000 students
  • Hours spent in vocational training at work

The results for each factor were turned into a percentile score, then added together to give an overall score for each country. The rankings for the most curious nations in Europe are shown below: