Employee Recognition & Performance Rewards

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More than an innovative product or a valuable service, a business succeeds largely because of the dedication and devotion of its employees. The people responsible for executing a business’s vision are arguably the greatest factor in whether or not it succeeds.

This is why managers and business owners invest a lot of time and effort in hiring and retaining the best people. Even so, these employees may not reach their potential if they aren’t sufficiently motivated.

Even the most talented and capable employees can fall victim to fatigue or feeling unappreciated, meaning they likely won’t be putting forth their best effort. That can have a domino effect on productivity, which is why it is in the best interest of employers to make sure employees remain motivated and feel appreciated.

There are many ways to recognize workers for their efforts, but establishing a formal employee recognition program can be essential to boosting — and maintaining — morale. With a recognition program in place, employees will be rewarded for going above and beyond their responsibilities. Therefore, the workplace should feature more engaged and motivated employees.

The rewards don’t have to be extravagant. In fact, a simple “thank you” or some easy-to-implement perk may be all that is required. The key, no matter what form the rewards take, is to be consistent and clear about the goals employees need to reach for recognition.

If you’re interested in getting the most out of your employees and keeping them motivated, the guide below spells out some important things you need to know about starting an employee recognition program.

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