Does Mindfulness Help with Management Training? Kasmin Cooney

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It’s a very important question if you’re considering investing in Management training for your senior employees. The last thing you want when spending large amounts of money on training is to know that you’re not getting the complete package. As the leader of my corporate training company Righttrack Consultancy, I know how important it is to get the most from your training.

Mindfulness has recently become the “in thing” to have training on, but it’s been around for years. With thousands of research papers already in circulation on this topic, if you’re not on board with Mindfulness, or don’t even know what it is, then you’re behind – and your business could suffer because of it!

But how does Mindfulness impact on your Management training? Does it actually help? Together, we’ll discover the major impacts that Mindfulness will have on your Management training delegates, but also their staff and your business as a whole!

Mindfulness and Your Management Training Delegates

You’re going to find that most of the Mindfulness impact is going to happen with the Management training delegates themselves. These will be those who attend and see first-hand, the training and its teachings.

A study on 57 senior managers in 2016 found that those who participated in Mindfulness training has improvements in three key capacities that are key for successful leadership:

  • Resilience
  • Capacity for collaboration
  • Ability to lead in complex conditions

However, in order to see lasting improvement and development in these areas, delegates would have to practice for at least 10 minutes every day. If this didn’t happen, development would deteriorate and have no effect.

There were also noticeable improvements in “Leaders” of the group, who developed “Meta-capacities” such as:

  • Metacognition – The ability to step back and observe what they are thinking, feeling and sensing, helping them identify issues easier and resolve them faster.
  • Allowing – This is where the manager would meet their experiences with a spirit of openness and kindness in order to help them not take the negative from every situation.
  • Curiosity – The Leaders learnt to take a lively interest in what has shown up in their inners and outer worlds and using that to help them develop.

Delegates who opened themselves up to their Management training with a splash of Mindfulness training, and then practiced in their own time, had the best results from the study.

Mindfulness and Your Employees

This all depends on the how your delegates take the training session. If they come away as someone in the “Leader” category, then their team are more likely to be susceptible to the teachings and will eventually take it on board.

Typically, a team will act under the leadership of their manager. If their manager is behaving better, and using their new found Meta-Capacities they have learnt from Management training, the skills will become part of the natural fabric of the team.

Mindfulness and Your Business

You might not believe that the effects of simply completing a Management training course can have such profound effects on your whole business. However, you can find the practical benefits for businesses online.

For example, in 2015 Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini started running Mindfulness training to his 13,000 employees after injuring himself skiing. Participants reported that, on average, that they experienced a 28% reduction in stress, 20% sleep quality improvement, 19% decrease in pain and gained an average of 62 minutes of productivity a week.

When totally the value of all this improvement, he estimated these changes to be worth $3,000 (£2,321) per employee per year.

Imagine if you could save over £2000 each year per employee just from one training session?

Have you had any practical experience in Management training and Mindfulness? Let us know your experience in the comments.

Kasmin Cooney OBE, Righttrack Consultancy