Creative Approaches to Fostering a Positive Corporate Culture – Brooke Faulkner

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Although any company’s end goal is to provide products and services to their target markets, your corporate culture can have a huge impact on employee engagement, job satisfaction, employee retention, and productivity. Corporate culture refers to the values and behaviors that shape the ways employees and management interact with each other beyond strictly business related interactions. Here are a few creative ways you can promote a positive culture within your company.

Choose the Right People for Your Team

In order to cultivate a positive company culture, it’s important to hire the right employees to begin with. Aside from seeking out the most qualified candidate, consider how each individual might complement your team as whole. Of course, relevant experience should be a major factor, but you should also seek to hire employees who seem to fit well with your company’s core values, increase morale and motivation, and create positive relationships. By choosing a dynamic group of individuals who work well together and play off of each other’s strengths and personalities, you’ll establish the foundation necessary to grow your company’s culture.

Create a Positive Workspace

Grey cubicle walls and sterile office environments are a thing of the past. Today, business leaders have the potential to create engaging and interactive workspaces that inspire their employees. This includes the quality of light in the room, the art on the walls, the technology, and the dedicated spaces employees use for work, meetings, and other needs.

Open floor plans can encourage collaboration and community within a company. Comfortable chairs and adjustable standing desks are also incredibly valuable investments as many employees spend most of their workday at their desk. You can encourage employee engagement using digital signage placed in public areas around the office. This offers employees a place where they can participate in message boards to share their goals, struggles, achievements, and social events, further building a sense of community within your company.

A clean, roomy kitchen and break area can offer your employees a chance to get away from their desks and interact with each other on a more casual level. Depending on the space available, you could even include a television or video game system to encourage co-workers to take short, fun breaks to enjoy some non-traditional competition.

Organize Fun Events

Offering employees easy opportunities to enjoy each other’s company outside of an office setting is a great way to build a sense of community and reduce employee stress. One simple option is to hold a potluck in a local park. With the extra outdoor space, you can play lawn games like frisbee, life-size jenga, ladder golf, and cornhole.

You could also arrange to meet for happy hour at a nearby bar. You’ll want to call ahead to make sure the bar has enough space for your group. Also, be sure to invite everyone, but don’t make happy hour mandatory. Some people will have health issues, family commitments, or religious reasons that may prevent them from attending. Setting limits for the amount people should drink may also help to prevent a fun event from devolving into an awkward situation.

Exploring the outdoors together can also be a lot of fun and will allow some employees to share strengths and interests that they might not show in the office. This could be as simple as taking a hike on a nearby trail, or you could organize an annual camping trip or retreat.

If finding an off-site location is difficult, holding events at the office is still a viable option. This may even increase the chance that more employees will attend.

Volunteer Together

Aside from supporting a good cause, choosing a volunteer opportunity that aligns with your company’s values can be a fulfilling way to support your community and allow team members to bond. Opportunities include volunteering at a local soup kitchen, collecting supplies for a food bank, running for charity, or even helping to build a house with Habitat for Humanity.

Any efforts you make to encourage a positive culture within your company stands to have a significant impact on the success of your business. Creating opportunities for fun and socialization lets employees know that you care about the human aspects of their lives, not just their ability to do a job. In turn, employees will perform better, enjoy their work more, and you stand a better chance of attracting and retaining talented employees.

Brooke Faulkner is a full-time writer and full-time mom of two.

She spends her days pondering what makes a good leader, and dreaming up ways to teach these virtues to her sons creativity enough that she’ll get more than groans and eye rolls in response.

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