Can Recruitment Technology Really Help Your Business? Craig Evans

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The modern-day workforce is evolving, and businesses require advanced recruitment solutions to find and attract highly skilled professionals. HR departments have started to approach the recruitment process with help from social media, artificial intelligence and cloud based recruitment softwares in their quest to improve talent acquisition, and thus reach their business potential.

Finding, securing, hiring and retaining top talent is no easy feat for businesses, which is why more and more are turning to modern recruitment solutions such as cloud-based software. But, what are the benefits of these platforms? Can they really help your business more than a traditional recruitment process can?

We unpick what goes into modern recruitment technology, the benefits and whether your business should get onboard.

Features of recruitment technology

Applicant Tracking helps you find top talent

 It has predicted that over 70% of recruitment agencies rely on some type of Applicant Tracking System to track down the best talent. ATS assists with the onboarding process, allowing HR and hiring managers to find, track and document employee records, but this is just one element of advanced recruitment technology.

ATS records can become quickly outdated, and so used on its own isn’t all too effective in securing new talent. Cloud-based recruitment software, on the other hand, incorporates ATS but also allows you to connect, communicate and engage with high skilled individuals, even before you list a job opening. It’s this ability to nurture relationships with top talent that makes recruitment technology so advanced.

Artificial Intelligence and big data analysis alleviates your workload

Recruitment technology lessens your workload and simplifies some of the long-winded tasks that are involved in the recruitment process – e.g. screening resumes. With technology that is Artificial Intelligence-enabled, you can crawl big data at high speeds and can quickly find candidates that match your requirements.

Easy-to-use and seamless access

 An advantage of cloud-based recruitment software is that they are accessible from multiple devices, including mobile phones. They can also be seamlessly integrated into existing Applicant Tracker Systems and recruitment systems. With this, the recruitment process is easier: businesses can navigate, source, screen, track and interact with potential candidates and improve their business talent acquisition more effective and affordable.

Benefits of recruitment technology

Recruitment technology improves interaction

When you’re on the hunt for highly skilled professionals to join your workforce, you will improve your chances of hiring your dream employee if you already have a relationship with them.

Organisations should not expect talent to come to them. If you want to attract highly skilled professionals who are experts in their field, is it you as a business who must do the chasing. This means working hard to engage with them and build a relationship.

Building relationships are harder through traditional recruitment processes – or through the use of recruitment agencies – but with recruitment technology, you can find and nurture your dream applicants for weeks before you even post a job listing. A recruitment software that has a seamless Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) feature is instrumental in improving the interaction between employers and potential candidates

This method is a lot more proactive. Rather than trawling through social media sites like LinkedIn to find your applicants, or waiting for job hopefuls to see your job advertisement and email you, using recruitment technology that has cloud connectivity and social integration, you, the employer, can take control.

Additionally, through AI Chatbots, that are available on advanced recruitment software, you can ensure that all questions are answered quickly and that issues are mitigated, which further enhances employer/employee relationships and customer satisfaction.

Recruitment technology improves productivity and saves you money

Recruitment technologies can improve your business’ productivity immensely. The recruitment process, end-to-end, can span months – even longer if you are struggling to find the perfect candidate for the role. So, by relinquishing your reliance on external recruitment agencies to find candidates, you can have complete control over who you meet and when.

Cloud-based recruitment software is user-friendly. Employers and employees have access to a portal or hub where they can track and monitor jobs/candidates and interact with each other instantly. These platforms mean that data and exchanges are stored on a singular platform, which increases productivity tenfold.

Recruitment technology improves business performance

By adopting modern recruitment solutions, businesses can be more productive, more efficient and successful in their recruiting endeavours. Of course, this translates into better overall business performance and higher profit margins.

By employing the “right” candidate with the necessary skills, experience, passion and attitude, your business model will thrive and you will continue to attract the best talent.


The recruitment process is tough. Business must fight harder than ever to secure the best talent in their industry, and this cannot be done without advanced resources such as cloud-based recruitment technology.

Through recruitment technology, employers can screen hundreds of resumes, compare candidate experience and skills, nurture employer-employee relationships, and improve overall talent acquisition. Then, when they have secured, hired and retained the ideal candidate, their business will reach new heights.

A recruitment software is a resource that can save businesses time and money, increase productivity and efficiency, and maximise their recruitment ROI tenfold. If your business is looking to shake up their antiquated recruitment processes, you should look to investing in a cloud-based recruitment software today.