Big Data Innovation Summit – London

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I attended the two day conference this week, run by IE – Innovation Enterprise. Excellent speakers, and lots of food for thought.

It wasn’t just tech stuff – though that side was very leading edge. The conference also covered Ethics, Privacy, Leadership, Journalism and Change. The picture above shows Steve Finlay giving an excellent talk on dealing with the ethical challenges of Big Data.

Here are a few of my tweets, capturing some key points in 140 characters! Hashtag is #DATALDN

Hadoop doesn’t make you a data scientist. Generating action, new theories, models, predicting future does”. Charles Ewen @metoffice

Charles Ewen @metofficeBig data projects stall because bright people generate knowledge but not in a way “the suits” can act on it

“Ambition: All viewing on all platforms will be connected to us” #channel4 Steve Forde at  #bigdata

“A pie chart is the Aquaman of data visualization” @littleark  #bigdata Carlo Zapponi of #Microsoft

“Simple algorithms on big data outperform complex algorithms with less data” @norrisjack Jack Norris of MapR at  #bigdata

“Get a data habit because ultimately it’s about listening to your customers” John O’Donovan #FT CTO @jodbod #bigdata

RT @jodbod: @EE “GPS visualisation of people moving through Waterloo into London. We used to have students count people at exits!”

Yuval from Skype quotes #SteveJobs “Need to start with the customer and work back to the technology”

“Unsupervised artist clusterisation” Beautiful image of music genres based on purchases of customers #ticketmaster Sophie Crosby

“Data projects are change projects” Sophie Crosby, VP Insight #ticketmaster at #bigdata #leadership

RT @oscarwijsman: @littleark explains the logic of #datavisualization with great visuals. “If process is fun, results will be fun”.

RT @IE_Analytics: Common theme today is definitely company culture & finding right people to bring about change & harness Big Data”

“Privacy laws are failing us personally and in business – not taking account of game changers” @EUstaran

RT @EUstaran “The inability to give consent does not take away from meaningful control. Access to data and data portability key”

RT @GlowMetrics “Is it a circle, triangle or square? … Fuzzy data is a big problem” Gilles Albaredes, Ordnance Survey

Steven Finlay: “A practical matrix for #ethical handling of Big Data based on immutability, beneficiary, impact”

Simon Raper Channel 4 “Problem with phrase Big Data is it picks out the least important point – that’s its big rather than useful!”

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