Are You Trying to ‘Prove’ Your Worth? – Carolyn Campbell

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Carolyn CampbellThis is a guest post from Carolyn Campbell, who can be found at

“As business owners, career seekers, and community leaders, it’s key that we understand the importance of knowing what our clients/customers/employers really want and helping them believe we can help them achieve it.

I’ve found that far too often people try to win clients or jobs by proving their worth or value. This tactic doesn’t work in business any better than it does in personal relationships. Rather than proving your worth—which is about you, not them—think about the three things that they really want.

First, our clients/customers want to GET something.

Instead of trying to tell them what you ‘do’, begin by finding out what they want to GET. Ask them. It’s so rare to be asked what we really want. Having someone care what we want to GET in our life can create trust like nothing else. Whether you are seeking a new position or talking with a potential client, find out what’s important to them. They need to know you care.

Second, our clients/customers want to BE themselves.

It’s alarming how many folks want to BE true to their values yet think they have to act different to succeed. These people want to get back to trusting in themselves. They want to get back to doing work they believe in. It is vital that we honor this need to BE fully and authentically engaged in life.

When you are writing your copy, talking with your client or speaking in public, help your audience see how they can be more fully themselves and get more of what they want. Share stories of people whose lives changed through their work with you (or as part of your organization). Give them a vision of how you can support their authentic way of being in the world.

Finally, our clients/customers want to know how simple their actions can be.

Growth and change can be daunting. Our clients/customers want us to provide them with simple steps they can take, one at a time, to GET what they want by honoring the way they want to BE.

The biggest challenge for most: believing in ourselves and honoring that it is really okay to ask for what we want. Once we do, the process of reaching out to and connecting with those clients/customers will come into focus.

Don’t forget to ask yourself these same questions along the way: What do I want to GET? Who do I want to BE to live the life I want? What simple steps can I take to begin achieving that?


Carolyn S. Campbell has been working with visionary entrepreneurs and progressive Fortune 500 companies for more than 15 years.  A sought-after international speaker and coach for such companies as Umpqua Bank,  Regence Life and Health, SBA, and the Arts & Culture Council, Carolyn is the author of Beyond Marketing! How To Create an Unstoppable Following and the forthcoming Beyond Leadership: 21 Secrets to Passion, People & Profit.

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