6 Essential Tips for Promoting Your Startup – Diana Smith

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Everyone in the business world knows that promoting a company is the best way to attract customers and increase revenue. However, marketing a startup isn’t the same as marketing a large corporation. Established businesses have large amounts of money to spend on their marketing campaigns and their strategies differ from those startups rely on. If you’ve just launched your startup, chances are you’re wondering how to promote your startup and get enough sales. With that said, here’s a list of six essential tips for promoting your startup.

Create powerful content

There’s no doubt the internet impacts our everyday life significantly. What people now do is turn to search engines when they need a solution to any kind of a problem they might have. This is something you can use to your advantage when running a startup. If you’re confident about your expertise, you can create content and provide people on the web with the kind of information they’re looking for. There are different types of content you can focus on such as industry-related articles and tutorials related to what your business does. Not only does this help spread the word about your business but it also makes customers trust you more. If you prefer talking over writing, creating video content is a great alternative. Just get quality equipment, start a YouTube channel for your business and you’ll see more people starting to buy from you.

Attend local events

Depending on what kind of work your startup does, you might be looking to attract local customers to it. One of the best ways to connect with customers nearby is to attend local events and meet potential customers in person. The list of events you can consider attending includes everything from fairs to festivals. Research events that took place in your area last year and try to figure out which of them attract your target audience. Once you come up with a list of local events you want to attend, make sure you first decide on your level of involvement. Do you just want to be there and promote your business by talking to people? Or you want to sponsor the event and have everyone notice your logo and find out more about your startup?

Turn to influencers

Ask any marketer and they’ll tell you influencers are the next big thing in the world of marketing. As much as 94% marketing experts say they’ve used influencer marketing and most of them cite large ROI as the main reason why. The best thing about influencers is that all of them already have a huge audience that trusts their opinion. All you need to do is have them recommend your product and you’ll be guaranteed a large portion of their followers will buy from you. The key part of working with influencers is identifying the ones whose audience might be interested in what your business has to offer. Most influencers do things their own way but you can expect a large number of them to be ready to promote your business in exchange for freebies or discounts.

Hand out promotional items

It’s a fact that promotional items are a necessary part of every company’s marketing strategy. These little things allow people to find out more about your brand and remember you, which is exactly what business promotion is all about. Not to mention that promotional items make people feel appreciated as everyone enjoys getting something for free. The good news is, the number of promotional items you can opt for only keeps increasing and finding something your customers will love should be a breeze. For example, one of the best things you can do is turn to experts in business printing and design magnets, keyrings, and USB sticks for your customers. As long as there’s the name log logo of your company on promotional items, these little things will help your company move forward.

Rely on social media

With more than 3 billion social media users out there, it’s no surprise platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have become every marketer’s paradise. Using social media gives you a chance to communicate with your customers and keep an eye on what people talk about your business. Moreover, you can use your social media page to make announcements about startup and unveil new products. Just don’t become one of those business owners who start social media pages for their business only to never log in again. Being active on social media is the key to increasing your follower base and giving your sales a boost. Another important thing to mention is that you should never use social media to argue with your customers or discuss sensitive topics.

Make your own mobile billboard

When trying to get your startup noticed, there’s hardly anything as effective as turning your car into a mobile billboard. According to the pros, just a few stickers on your vehicle can generate even up 70,000 views per day. Even if just a small number of people who see your stickers actually decide to buy from you, you’ll still be making a profit. Turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard is considered to be extremely effective, especially because the stickers you can use are rather inexpensive and easy to apply. This can end up being a highly-effective marketing strategy, especially if you live in an area where traffic jams occur on a regular basis. You may end up getting stuck on the right from time to time but you’ll at least be promoting your startup while you’re waiting.

Almost anyone can now launch their own startup and think of themselves as an entrepreneur. However, not everyone knows how to run a successful business and promote it in the best way possible. The six tips covered earlier in this post should help you design your marketing strategy and ensure your business gets noticed. Just keep an eye for new ways you can market your startup and attracting more people to your business should be a breeze.