5 Ways You can Save Money on Small Business Marketing – David Webb

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The modern entrepreneurial world is quite an unforgiving place, even though we do live in an age of endless business opportunities. While start-ups are popping up at every corner, and while this trend is a good indicator that global economies are stabilizing for the most part, it is also an indicator that new business ventures will inevitably have a difficult time surviving in such an overly-competitive environment.

Nevertheless, the time is ripe to launch your own company in search of entrepreneurial superstardom, as no matter the industry or niche, chances are there is enough of the market cake for everyone to grab a hefty slice. This will require plenty of planning and strategizing, of which your marketing plan will be the most essential part. Here is how you can market your small business without busting the bank.

Take advantage of every free tool on the web

The internet is a pool of free information. Some aim to capitalize on certain information, and more likely than not, you will find that the tools you want are kept under a sizable paywall. Before reaching for your credit card, understand that for every costly tool on the web, there is a free counterpart that will probably serve you just as well.

Free alternatives to popular marketing tools usually come with only the basic of features, but no matter how much the brand behind it tries to build up the importance of the pro version, chances are your business doesn’t even need it. So, rather than spending money on expensive business packages, try to make do with free versions of the software.

Focus on crafting amazing content

Content creation is arguably one of the most important elements of a winning marketing strategy – one that could mean the difference between brand recognition and high SERP rankings and dwelling in the abyss that is the second page of Google. Nowadays, search engines and people put high emphasis on compelling, in-depth content that provides true value to the reader and creates an emotional bond between the brand and the customer.

The best part about content creation is that you don’t need anyone or any tool to launch a blog page on your website. If you consider yourself somewhat of a storyteller and have something meaningful to say to your customers, then simply focus on crafting blog posts you can share across the digital realm, and most importantly, social media. That said, you will need to create content with SEO in mind.

Master the art of SEO without busting the bank

Love it or hate it, but SEO is an inextricable part of digital marketing. So much so, in fact, that if your entire online presentation is not optimized for search engines, you cannot hope for your audience members to find you, let alone become loyal brand members.

Now, SEO is not easy to master, and there are whole agencies that devote their time to optimizing websites and content for maximum engagement and recognition. Naturally, hiring these agencies will cost you upwards of an arm and a leg, which is why DIY SEO tools are becoming increasingly important in the modern business world. With SEO helper software, you can easily identify problems with your website and content, and get the solutions you need without having to hire a professional agency.

Now that you understand the importance of content and SEO, here’s what you should focus on:

  • Create stories people will want to read.
  • Weave SEO into every content piece for maximum online recognition.
  • Adapt your content offering for different audiences – some demographics enjoy blogs, others love videos and infographics, and some thrive on podcasts. This is why content diversification should be one of your priorities.
  • Focus on quality over quantity but do post content on a regular basis.
  • Make sure your content is unique.
  • Weave your brand’s values and visuals into every content piece you publish in order to stand out from the competition.

Build your reputation with social media management

Nowadays, everyone is on social media. In fact, if you take into account that almost three billion people have a social media account, you can understand the importance of social media marketing for the long-term growth of your brand. But it’s not just about being on social media, it’s also about discovering your most relevant networks and tailoring your approach accordingly.

Fortunately, you can easily do this yourself with the help of social media analytics tools offered on every SM platform. Networks thrive on businesses advertising their products and services on their feeds, so it’s no wonder that these perks come for free for all business pages. Simply use the analytics tool for market segmentation, targeting, positioning, and promotion and you should have no problem putting your brand in front of the eyes and ears of your audience.

Manage cash flow by hiring freelancers

Lastly, rather than spending thousands of dollars on consulting agencies, or even long-term employees, why not outsource marketing tasks to freelancers? Some of the top talent in the industry works exclusively on a per-project basis, and if you search for notable marketing experts on any of the popular freelance platforms, you’re bound to find the individual that will help you market your business effectively, yet without busting the bank. All it takes to hire the best marketers around the world is a bit of research, and trial and error.

Small businesses don’t exactly have it easy when it comes to increasing revenue enough to pay for marketing expenses. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t tend to some crucial marketing tasks on the cheap, so make sure these nifty ideas become essential points in your growth strategy.