5 Ways To Create A More Human Workplace – Wendy Dessler

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The lifeblood of any successful business is a cohesive team of knowledgeable employees. While hiring the right employees will be a time-consuming process, it is well worth the effort you invest.

Creating a work environment that fosters both creativity and productivity is vital. An overwhelming 79 percent of American workers cite a lack of appreciation as their main reason for quitting a job.

Are you trying to find a way to create a more human workplace for your employees? If so, consider the following tips for success.

1. Work on Creating a Sense of Community

The biggest mistakes that most business owners make is isolating their employees. Most people want to feel like they are part of a team, which is why creating a sense of community in the workplace is crucial.

Doing things like pairing employees up on certain projects can do wonders for morale and productivity levels. Allowing employees to get to know one another on a personal level is a great idea. Often times, the more isolated employees feel, the harder business owners will find it to keep them loyal.

2. Be Mindful of Your Employee’s Needs

Some business owners get so wrapped up in keeping productivity and profit levels high that they forget all about the needs of their employees. One of the biggest complaints most employees have is not getting enough off time to spend with their family. Using technology like Online Employee Scheduling Software – Humanity is a great way to create a fair and comprehensive schedule.

While you will be unable to facilitate every vacation time request your employees have, you can work on making most of them work. Providing your employees with some much needed time off will help them come back to work with a renewed focus.

3. Promoting Positivity is a Good Thing

Creating a workplace environment based on fear tactics and intimidation is a bad idea. While this may keep employees in line, it will usually result in a high turnover rate. This is why you should instead focus on creating an office environment of positivity and understanding.

Doing this will require you to lead by example. Your employees will often mimic the attitude that you have, which is why having a positive attitude. If you feel yourself getting worked up over a certain situation in your workspace, take a breather instead of flying off the handle. Showing this type of restraint can benefit you and your employees.

4. Using Performance Evaluations Can Be Effective

Failing to monitor how well your team is performing can lead to lots of problems in the future. Utilizing the power of performance evaluations is essential when trying to address productivity issues.

However, you need to be careful about the attitude you have when performing these evaluations. Coming down too hard on an employee for honest mistakes can make them very defensive. Taking the role of a coach and mentor during these evaluations can lessen the sting employees feel when being reprimanded. Developing a play with your employees on how to address their issues can be beneficial for everyone involved.

5. Engage With Your Team Outside of Work

Are you looking for ways to forge meaningful relationships with your employees? One of the best ways to do this is by engaging with your team outside of work.

Taking your employees for a lunch once a month is a great way to find out more about them and their personal life. This will allow everyone to get a break from the stress of work and let loose a bit.

Creating a more human workplace is not an overnight process. Talking with employees is usually a great way to get an outsider’s perspective on how to change the workplace environment for the better.