5 Leadership Resolutions Every Entrepreneur Should Make in 2019 – Peter Minkoff

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The New Year is upon us, and it’s once again that time of year when all of us are making new promises to ourselves and those around us. As a leader at heart, you know that your work never gets done, and with the economy and the market changing at a head-spinning speed, it pays to invest in yourself, both by investing in others and by focusing on aspects of your skillset that need polishing.

The following five will mark 2019 as the most relevant traits leaders should focus on in order to stay relevant, and you can incorporate them into your own resolutions list as one of those top priority items on your leadership agenda.

Make a difference

All of the wonderful work you’ve done thus far aside, you most likely already have loyal employees under your wing, and many people who are inspired by your work and personality. However, when you know that all is well in your company culture, you can take the next step and invest your time and effort into offering your time and expertise to do some good.

What’s more, volunteering can serve as a bonding method among employees, so it will not only be a wonderful way to start the New Year, but the good will certainly go around. Whether you decide to clean the nearby parks, spend some time in the soup kitchen, or build gift packages for those in need, you can use 2019 as the year when you lead your team into a more giving state of mind.

Walk the walk and talk the talk

The best leaders know that the only way to truly lead is by example, and we all often need to remind ourselves of this very adage in order to review our actions and improve over time. Let 2019 be your year of practicing what you preach, from perfecting your listening skills in order to learn what your teams truly need, all the way to letting go of micromanaging.

Your own attitude will greatly contribute to shaping your work environment, and if you encourage positive interactions, regular feedback, an open door policy, as well as regular acknowledgment, you’re bound to foster an inclusive, inspiring workplace for all those working alongside you.

Push your brand to reach new heights

In addition to enabling your own employees to reach their potential, the same should apply to your entire business. 2019 is the perfect time to enter new markets, explore fast-developing business arenas such as Australia, and leave your brand’s comfort zone in order to attract wider audiences.

With that in mind, you need to take action, and explore your options of entering the Aussie market, such as advertising in Sunshine Coast and a slew of other marketing options you can use in order to make some noise around your brand and let people know you exist.

Embrace the learning curve

The work of a leader never really ends, so even when you wrap up your volunteering plan and the initiative to expand your business, you still have plenty of room to improve on a personal level. This will in turn impact your professional life, since continuing to educate yourself online as well as offline will give you new means to grow your business and achieve new goals. This modern world of ours is constantly changing, and it takes time and effort to keep up with new trends, master new skills, and boost your current knowledge base.

By discovering new tech tools, visiting lectures, networking with relevant people in your industry, and attending webinars, you can find new ways to help your teams thrive as well as improve your ability to lead.

Don’t neglect your wellbeing

Finally, everything you do serves as a source of inspiration to all those around you, and the more you invest in yourself, the easier it becomes to help others discover that elusive notion of work-life balance. Use 2019 as your year of self-improvement in all possible areas, including your physical and mental wellbeing.

Whether you kick-start a new workout routine, a meditation program, or you address your daily stress accumulation in a different manner, it’s crucial to find your healthy outlet and encourage those around you to do the same.

The upcoming year should be another opportunity to become a better, stronger leader. With the help of these tips, you can introduce these meaningful changes into your professional and personal existence, and lead your way to an even more prosperous year!