10 Actions to Beat Your Distractions and Stay Focused

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Distraction is an evil phenomenon which keeps productive people away from achieving their goals. It is quite usual to witness working people lose their peace of mind due to myriad ways of distraction. Even people working in their homes are victims of either nuisance or some other form of distraction.

Research shows that in America, around 50% of the employees say they work only for 15 minutes before they get distracted, whereas 53% of the employees waste more than 1 hour a day due to disruptions!

From continuous noise and brimming inbox to feeling stressed or fatigued, nearly everything may cause people to lose focus. Let us explore the avenues of bewilderment and conclude how you can stay more attentive.

Penning Down Your Goals

Setting goals is not just restricted to New Year’s resolution, but it’s a prerequisite when professional goal setting is taken into consideration. If you don’t write goals, they become theoretical. They become less real, even if you believe they’re real. Writing them down, eyeing them every day, and contemplating about those – makes your goals realistic in true sense. In case, you’re sincere with your goals; you need to set them as well as detail them profoundly. Using a smarter method or just creating as much information towards the prospective goals possibly can help you achieve them.

Sort out the statement of accomplishment

If you’re actually serious about achieving your goals, you require a mission statement. Your goals are not to be procrastinated if you’re serious about it and thus you need to prepare a mission statement which will keep futility at bay. Write a detailed mission statement of 4-5 sentences and display it somewhere in your office and put it up somewhere in your workplace so that you can hover your eyes through it, every day. Whenever you lose focus or get distracted, re-read the mission statement as well as re-think why you’re doing that.

It’s high time for effective Time Management

It is almost impossible to concentrate on your objectives if you can’t manage the time. Become a successful time manager to experience success. Choose a time management system which works well for you. Prioritize your urgencies by allotting the work.

Maintaining a regularity of scanning the growth

One vital way to stay focused on the goals is by tracking and analyzing your growth. Keeping a good track of your goals will help determine how far you have achieved and how much is yet to go. It’s definitely tougher to perform. Use a spreadsheet, your smartphone, or laptop to analyze the results daily. With more passing days, you can analyze more and determine which efforts are providing results and which are getting wasted!

Execute Motivational Practices

To stay motivated, you need to shift your attention. While an inspiration could be motivating, in case you set goals in the correct way, you should have the foundation of motivation which can help you provide the framework for accomplishing your goals. However, it’s the motivational portion which is difficult. Even the most successful people in the world have failed many times. So, don’t be scared of failure. Just don’t let it lose your concentration on the goals. Keep yourself pushing, keep coming, and never give up!

Don’t Check Emails So Often

Studies show that people check their emails around 40 times every hour. Limit that to 3-5 times a day and avoid doing it in the morning. If you’re continuously distracted online, you may cut checking emails and all other social media sites too.

Keep Privacy at Your Workspace

For some people, it might mean closing the room door. You can use separate web browsers for personal and business work. Use your workspace only for work. It will prevent distraction as well as help you psychologically associating your workspace with the product-driven mindset.

Turn-off All the Notifications

Turning off all the notifications on your laptop and phone might look perplexing at first. However, you’ll surely feel less diverted and extra focused. You can also have improvements in willpower. In case, you wish to be really productive, follow this step today!

Do Regular Exercise

Exercise helps you live a healthier life. Associate with a good diet, it will help you lead a better life. Exercise helps you to drive yourself. Usually, one’s psyche is equally responsible as physique. If you can push your body a bit more, your subconscious will also support your mind. Slowly, your ability to stay focused improves. Physical exercise also trains your mind for pushing itself to the next level. Do exercise 3 times a week and you will feel your willpower strengthening with time.

Switch Off Yourself from Everything

To stay involved in anything all the time create tactical issues for every moment. It impedes your capability to concentrate on bigger and more innovative aspects of your life. So, put all the entertainment devices, your work, or books away for about ten minutes and stay with your thoughts! ‘Wasting’ one hour per week can save your years. Just switch off yourself for some time on a daily basis, and it will let your mind to breathe a bit more!


All the successful people are not poles apart from you. They work just on what’s significant and overlook what isn’t. Successful people know that they just can’t do everything; therefore they won’t even try. They understand what to concentrate on, and you could do the same. Don’t allow the technology to make you its marionette. Rather, leverage it and become more productive and reach new heights!

Author Bio: Aditya works as a Growth Assistant at AirTract, a social platform wherein people ask questions, write articles, share knowledge and experience.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering and has been working in the field of Digital Marketing for the past two years. He is also a voracious reader and a big sports fan.