A short video exploring the leadership style of Genghis Khan through his values.

A controversial leader who built the world’s largest land empire. History records Genghis as both a fearsome and unforgiving warrior, and yet also the father of a nation. He did many things that today are viewed as barbaric, but he also personified a strong set of values which people were attracted to and followed.

Recorded for the Interdisciplinary Ethics Applied Centre, at the University of Leeds, May 2014

Values-driven Leadership

Mick discusses values-driven leadership, for the University of Leeds Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied Centre, where he is Visiting Professor.

The Centre has a Masters program in Applied and Professional Ethics, designed to help people in business, the professions, and the public and third sectors, develop skills and knowledge that can help them effectively engage with ethical issues in their working lives. The course is taught entirely online, making it particularly appropriate for those in full-time employment or resident overseas, who wish to gain a qualification from a leading university without interrupting their career.

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