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"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself"
Galileo Galilei
"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."
Geert Hofstede
"Management within a society is very much constrained by its cultural context"
Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf
"Leadership is a combination of strategy and character. If you must be without one, be without the strategy"
General Colin Powell
"The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them."
General George S. Patton Jr.
"Be willing to make decisions. That's the most important quality in a good leader"
General Omar Nelson Bradley
"I learned that good judgment comes from experience and that experience grows out of mistakes."
"If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner"
"The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power without conscience. Our is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war that we know about peace, more about killing that we know about living"
"We are given one life and the decision is ours whether to wait for circumstances to make up our mind or whether to act, and in acting, to live"
"The greatest leader in the world could never win a campaign unless he understood the men he had to lead."
George Bernard Shaw
"Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations"
"All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions"
"The more things a man is ashamed of, the more respectable he is"
"Common sense is instinct. Enough of it is genius"
"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress in the world depends on the unreasonable man"
George C Marshall
"Morale is a state of mind ... it is steadfastness and courage and hope ... it is confidence and zeal and loyalty ... it is staying power, the spirit which endures to the end – the will to win "
George Eliot
"Those who trust us, educate us"
George MacDonald
"Man's rank is his power to uplift"
George S Odiorne
"Coaching isn't an addition to a leader's job, it's an integral part of it"
George S Patton
"Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results"
George S. Patton
"Wars are not won by fighting battles; wars are won by choosing battles"
"You must be single-minded. Drive for one thing on which you have decided"
Georges Santayana
"If we cannot learn from history, we are condemned to repeat it"
Gerry Sikorski
"Be absolutely determined to enjoy what you do"
Gilbert Ryle
"A myth is, of course, not a fairy story. It is the presentation of facts belonging to one category in the idioms appropriate to another"
Giuseppe Mazzini
"Insurrection by means of guerrilla bands is the true method of warfare for all nations desirous of emancipating themselves from a foreign yoke"
"Slumber not in the tents of your fathers. The world is advancing. Advance with it"
Gloria Steinem
"The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn"
"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being"
"Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now."
"I will listen to anyone's convictions, but please keep your doubts to yourself"
Grace Murray Hopper
"You manage things; you lead people"
Greg Anderson
"Let us be about setting high standards for life, love, creativity, and wisdom. If our expectations in these areas are low, we are not likely to experience wellness. Setting high standards makes every day and every decade worth looking forward to."
Groucho Marx
"Outside of a dog a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read "
"Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men - the other 999 follow women."