Stephen Bechtel

By: Mandy Leonard
A giant of the American construction industry, Stephen Bechtel was 33 when he took over as CEO of the Bechtel Corporation following the death of his father. In the middle of orchestrating the Hoover Dam project, Warren Bechtel's death came at a critical time for the company. As CEO, Stephen took over and completed the project under budget and 2 years ahead of schedule.

His motto, "We'll build anything for anybody, no matter what the location, type or size." characterized the path the Bechtel Corporation would take under his leadership, which proved immensely successful. Projects included factories, transit systems, power plants and what was in 1947 the longest oil pipeline across Saudi Arabia. He is also credited with helping turn Jubail, Saudi Arabia, from a village into an industrial city, now home to over 70,000 people.

While not a universally loved individual, Stephen Bechtel's forward thinking led to projects spanning the globe, the company's name firmly established as a worldwide construction leader - and delivered a major growth in sales revenues by his retirement.