Rudy Giuliani

By: Mick Yates

As the Mayor of New York (1994 - 2001), Rudy had been responsible for asserting control over a crime ridden country and his people were more than a little grateful. However, he governed by forcing others into submission, a strategy which alienated many and resulted in failure in areas which required a more 'human' approach.

With his reputation on the decline, many New Yorkers were ready for Rudy to fade into the background. However, the terrorist attacks of 9/11 ensured that he would be remembered as one of the greatest Mayors in the history of the city. After narrowly escaping death in the attacks, Rudy seized responsibility and took on many critical roles, performing each with confidence and authority.

For the first time he showed the public a human side to his character, that most assumed didn't exist. Although quite clearly saddened by the events, Rudy offered New Yorkers hope and confidence, displaying exactly the right amount of sensitivity, and control, maintaining a visual presence and working around the clock to pull the city back together.

Named Time Magazine's 'Person of the Year' in 2001, and awarded the title 'Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order' by Queen Elizabeth II, it appeared that Rudy could now do no wrong. Rudy has, like his much cited role model Winston Churchill, proved that he is an effective and capable leader in a crisis.

However should this negate the controversy surrounding his term prior to the events of 9/11? You decide.

Melanie Smith