Nelson Mandela

By: Mick Yates

The award of the Nobel Peace Prize and becoming the first democratically elected President of South Africa, were the culmination of a long and harrowing journey for Nelson Mandela. As President of the African National Congress, he and his comrades sought a peaceful answer to the racism and repression in the country, but even his professional status as a lawyer did not protect him from the brutal racism prevalent.

Only when it became apparent that a peaceful answer was impossible, did Mandela and the leaders of the ANC reluctantly turn to violent forms of protest. This led to his imprisonment for life on a charge of treason.

Even in prison, Mandela refused to compromise his values and beliefs, until in 1990, following discussions with the then president of South Africa, he was released, and soon became president of his country.

A man of courage and morals. who maintained his vision for change, and led his people to a new democracy.

Zoë Williams


Long Walk to Freedom - by Nelson Mandela (1994)