Margaret Thatcher

By: Mick Yates

"Privatization", "Thatcherism" - new terms coined during over a decade of government by a Conservative party led by Margaret Thatcher. Her government left a Britain once again involved in world politics, the control of the Trades Unions, whose power was such that they could topple a government, and an economy of entrepreneurs.

Her policy of privatization turned around the fortunes of companies such as British Airways, and was emulated by more than 50 countries, even left-wing countries discreetly adopting her ideas.

In military matters she understood that military leaders should know the ultimate aim, but be left to achieve it without interference. Success in the Falklands in 1982 was witness to the efficacy of this policy. She worked unstintingly, and was admired by other leaders, including Ronald Reagan, whom she encouraged to push towards Russian reform.

For whatever she is best remembered, Margaret Thatcher influenced government thinking in nearly every continent in the world and almost every country; a leader of vision and determination.

Zoë Williams


Statecraft - by Margaret Thatcher (2002)