Louis Gerstner

By: Mick Yates

When IBM, the largest computer manufacturer, was on a dramatic decline, losing market share, and all economic importance, it was the task of Louis Gerstner to perform a miraculous turnaround, and "make IBM matter again".

Gerstner devised a set of initiatives, to halt the decline, and when he finally left IBM, after 7 years, the Company stock price had risen dramatically, and IBM was once more a world leader.

Given Gerstner's background (Food and American Express), he seems to exemplify sorting out the difference between the real, critical issues in a given situation, and the irrelevant things.

Zoë Williams


WHO SAYS ELEPHANTS CAN'T DANCE? - By Louis V Gerstner (2002). A self-portrait of a CEO who made spectacular change on the strength of personal leadership...