Anita Roddick

By: Mick Yates
After studying in a kibbutz in Israel, Anita opened an environmentally conscious store in Brighton, selling cosmetics she concocted in her garage.

The initial purpose was to provide an income during the period that her husband Gordon was horseback riding across the Americas. This signified the birth of 'The Body Shop' - a business that now spans across 47 countries and makes Anita one of the wealthiest people in England. Although faced with opposition, her ideas and philosophy of 'trade not aid' has meant that many suppliers are locals from small villages around the world.

Anita realised she needed to prevent the Body Shop from going stale, so her role within the company has evolved to compliment the varying needs of the business. She has championed many causes, leading others to assist her in achieving the common goal. Anita has the innate ability to inspire others, which was demonstrated when she managed to convince the police to help push some of the wheelchair bound pensioners who had come to help her, during an anti- war march she organised in London.

Anita has succeeded in running a successful business whilst providing a platform for environmental and social change. Her leadership stance is by example, encouraging others with her seemingly unlimited energy and enormous unwavering enthusiasm. Not only managing to live her dream, Anita has paved the way for other businesses to practice environmentally and socially conscious behaviour.

She is a champion of leadership for corporate responsibility throughout the world.

Melanie Smith