Alexander the Great

By: Mick Yates

Eager to surpass his father and live up to his mythical blood line led Alexander (by the age of 16) to settle an uprising in Bulgaria and establish his first city 'Alexandropolis'.

As King he led a conquest tour through most of the Middle East and Asia in an aim to make them 'one country', crushing the Persian kingdom with his excellent strategies. Yet he ruled his Empire fairly by adopting the local people's ways and giving equal rights to the conquered.

By enlisting locals to his armies and encouraging intermarriages he enraged his frontline troops and annoyed his administration. Nevertheless this never thwarted his vision of an Empire based on tolerance.

Dying of a fever at 32, he clearly achieved much in his life. He left a leadership history that displayed a compelling vision, fostering of group identity and creativity in the effective mechanisms of organisation. A truly outstanding leader.

Peter Yates